Essential Install December 2016 - Page 34

Essential Install | Projectors & Screens DID YOU KNOW: Psycho was only released in black and white because the shower scene was considered too gory for audiences Full HD 1080p still produces great results from machines like the Vivitek H5098 pin-connections. Vertical supports are included to eliminate horizontal deflection and to offer frame stability. The CURVE is typically set up on legs, but can be optionally equipped with hanging points for flying or fixed installations. The projection surface comes with special designed hooks to simplify its mounting and offers a tight fitting to the curved frame. The CURVE is also available in ‘Fullwhite’ which means no borders and no depth, making the picture float in space. The Fullwhite offers a modular multi-element frame made of special extruded and hardened aluminium alloy with a shape profile cross section with 45° edge. This option is popular for architectural projection installation and flying projection screens. Karma-AV’s options here include access to the Vivitek brand. The distributor argues that with 4K projector prices remaining stubbornly high and 4K TVs looking small, a strong option is a specialised Full-HD projector and screen. Four projectors are available from the entry-level H1060 to the deluxe H5098, with a range of lens options and with wide lens shift capabilities. For screens, Karma has its own Ultimate Screens brand offering a range of UK-made, 4K-ready, acoustically-transparent choices. Ultimate Screens is taking a fresh approach by uniting the efficient delivery of advanced, easy-to-install fixed-frame screens with competitive and upfront pricing devoid of hidden costs. The choice comprises fixed-frame acoustically-transparent screens in both 16:9 and 2.35:1 and standard sizes from 2.0m to 5.0m in 10cm increments. Above 5.0m to 6.5m in 2.35:1 only. Bespoke Fixed Frame screens are also available on short lead times and soon to be introduced are electronically masked screens from 2.0m to 6.5m. Ease of installation is key here and the manufacturer says that whilst the majority of other brands require the screen to be attached to frame and tensioned face down on the ground, risking damage to the velvet frame and screen material, the approach here allows this process to be completed in four simple stages after the frame is attached on the wall. Other features highlighted include 4K acoustically-transparent screen material and a tactile ultra-black surround, with high-quality light absorption for strong contrast with the projected image. Another brand highlighting the rise in demand for ‘living room’ cinema is Optoma, particularly for multi-use family spaces where customers want to mix TV, film and gaming, but in high-ambient light conditions. To meet this demand, Optoma has added the HD27 to its range of projectors and the ALR100 ambient light projecting screen. Created for Full HD 1080p home entertainment, the portable HD27 is equipped with an enhanced colour wheel and multiple modes and settings. Each mode has been fine-tuned by Optoma’s colour team to ensure quality of performance. This projector also works with Optoma’s HDMI wireless system, WHD200, which is designed to stream video content wirelessly up to 20 metres in any room. In other application areas, designed for use with Optoma’s ultra-short throw projectors, the ALR100 100in fixed frame screen has a 0.42 gain which provides wide viewing angles from any seating position and is designed to give deeper black levels in dark scenes, even with the lights on. More Information: Pulse Cinemas +44 (0)1279 647039, AWE Europe: +44 (0)1372