Essential Install December 2016 - Page 33

Essential Install | Projectors & Screens DID YOU KNOW: The sound of the velociraptors communicating in Jurassic Park was created by manipulating a recording of tortoises mating Screen Innovations lives up to its name with several new additions this year features SIM2’s advanced Live Colours Calibration 2.0 software. Also from the Anthem stable, the Screen Innovations (SI) brand has a long history of innovation including its 7 Series Zero Edge which combines its Black Diamond technology designed to cope with ambient light and Zero Edge capability. Available in custom screen sizes and configurations up to 150in, the products provide an attractive ‘TV like’ look with a 10mm bezel to deliver cinemas in a wider variety of environments, not just dedicated spaces. Anthem also offers access to a lower cost option with Slate billed as the world’s Slate, first massive ambient-light rejecting screen that is black in colour. US made Slate is a flexible multi-particle optical screen offered in standard sizes up to 200in diagonally 16:9; larger sizes are available on request. Slate is available in motorised, zero edge and fixed frame screen formats. Slate copes with high ambient light areas by rejecting 65% of the room’s ambient light. Rune Nielsen, European director of sales for Stewart Filmscreen, also underlines the growing popularity of light rejecting tech: “In Europe, it’s as much about getting things hidden as it is to get as much image size as possible. Electric roller screens are popular options, especially for media rooms and living room entertainment areas. And, high ambient light rejecting screens like Phantom HALR are becoming more and more popular as Europeans also don’t favour blackingout rooms. Therefore, light rejecting screens provide the perfect option that best suits the way many Europeans live, which positions Stewart Filmscreen dealers to offer their clients something new and different that will outperform other options available.” The company announced its Phantom HALR - High Ambient Light Rejecting screen at The CEDIA Expo this year. A flexible front projection material suited for fixedframe wall screen or electric roller screen applications, Phantom HALR is designed to deliver very high ambient light coping technology. Designed for use with most of Stewart’s fixed frame or ElectriScreen models, Phantom is also available in Cinemaperf or Microperf X2 THX Ultra configurations for acoustic transparency. The tech is also UHD and HDR-ready and will calibrate out to REC 2020 or REC 709 standards without obvious colour aberrations or shift that skew the primary and secondary colours, says the manaufacturer. Stewart Filmscreen says test results reveal that Phantom HALR delivers over 30:1 contrast for a 2,000 lumen light output projector in a H]  X[\و[XY[Y[]\[\\وY][HܙY[\XH] 0[\ˈ[Y[XY[Yۙ][ۜ]ݙ\ L X[\و[XY[Y\XHۈHܙY[[HXY]\SH[\[\H۝\][[\˂[H[YΈ8'[Hܝ T HڙXܜ\BXZ[ܙX]Y\[H\Y[X[X\] X[\\][\[Y\ZH]\[\ܙY[][ܙY[][ۜ\ \Z]Y܈\H\X][ۜˈBY[HZ[HX]\X[XZ\[HY\[H[X]\H]\[\ܙY[\[H\X[H[Yܘ]Y[HۛHܙY[X[YX\\][۝]\B\XوHܙY[X]\X[8&\\][ۈ[]\B\\[XK'H]\[\ܙY[X\B]Z[XH[HRH\X]܈U [\YۙYXH[XY[Y\X՚\[ۈB\\ ]Z[XHHUJK]X՚\[ۈXK\\\]\[][ۜ܈[XY[Y[Y[•X՚\[ۈL S\܈[\]HY[XY[Y[[X]\[[YܛH\ܛX[BYH N 0Y][ۙKTL S\\܂[\]H[XY[Y ݚY[ۙ۝\[B[YܛH[XYHXܛH 0ۙKZH[\X՚\[ۈX\Hܙ^H\X\˜\H\{ YYHH[XY[Y[H[][ۈ܂\X\XH[\HXYK]\[\[¸&X\\X[۸&HY][ܙ\Z[[Z\HBXZ\^\X՚\[ۈܙY[\H[]YX[Hܛ][]Y[ܘ[[YY[X[YX\Y]][\HX™܈]X[]Kۜ\[H[[YܛZ]HH\; [\ ܈\X][ۜ]^HHHYH[[XHܛ ЈXY\\Yو]\X][ۈX[]U[\; &\ڙX[ۈܙY[XHH][B^K\X][܈Y]\܈]وYH[[][ۜ˜[ڙX˂U[\; &\[ؚ[HڙX[ۈܙY[[H\Y˜[[[HY]\[HYZY\Yۈ\]\BH[8&\[ؚ[HڙX[ۈܙY[XX\B[\HHX[H[[[Y[\[Y\ˈH8&Tx&BܙY[X]\\H[YH[H\Yۈ[X\Hœ]\ۜ\[و  ̛[HYZ[[YH[[Y[]X[X\ M BڙXܜ ܙY[U˚[ BMĽ M MN B