Essential Install December 2016 - Page 30

Essential Install | Projectors & Screens DID YOU KNOW: O.J. Simpson was considered by James Cameron to play the Terminator in the franchise’s first outing JVC is one of a growing number of manaufacturers to offer 4K Over at Habitech and Invision it’s the JVC DLA-Z1 which gets top billing. Also 4K/HDR compatible, the machine features a ‘Blu-Escent’ laser light source with 3000lm brightness, 20,000 hours of operational life, dedicated 4K lens tech and a newly-developed cinema filter with a wide colour gamut meeting 100% DCI-P3 colour space and 80% of extended BT2020. Illuminating up to true 4K (4096x2160) pixel resolution from three new dedicated red/green/blue D-ILA devices, the manufacturer says the DLA-Z1 can light up the widest screens even with HDR content. JVC says that the laser diode provides instant light output control according to the scene’s brightness, delivering a picture that approaches the perception of the human eye with a contrast ratio of infinity:1. To partner this new generation JVC, Habitech recommends a choice of Projecta and Da-Lite screens in four gain alternatives from 0.6 to 1.3. Also available is a perforated option, the HD Progressive screen surfaces are designed to perfectly reflect and preserve the smaller 4K pixels. The chemistry behind the vinyl HD Progressive (HDP) surface is formulated to create a surface free of microscopic variances, allowing the screen to essentially ‘disappear’ and deliver the detailed needed for high performance, particularly at higher resolutions. All HDP surfaces are individually tested and colour measured to ensure each surface will preserve the true colour of the projected image. Genesis Technologies is very proud to be the UK supplier for Barco and underlines the capabilities of the new Loki CinemaScope, a native 2.35 4K laser projector. Check out pages 20-21 for the full report. For screens, Neil Davidson of Genesis is keen to underline another brand, DT Screens created by himself and business partner Simon Ridley, a UK enterprise that has seen significant growth. The screens have been designed from the ground up for installers, delivering dynamic masking solutions created with the aim of being in a different performance bracket to anything else on the market. The bespoke controller mechanism has been created specifically for cinema screens, not blinds and the controller ‘intelligently’ positions the screen masking via genuine aspect calculation not simple pre-sets, a massive game changer, says Neil. Neil argues: “We have seen that dealers are keen to sell masking, but have limited awareness and a feeling that it will be difficult for them or their client to install/ operate. The development of DT Screens’ Mask Position Logic solution is designed to minimise this difficulty regardless of the number of masks or format of the screen. The control system simply requests an aspect ratio that will then be calculated by the controller and then the masks will move to th R6'&V7B6F67W&FRF&( ХvFWr&V7F'27V62FR&&66V66R6Fr&6W76rFB6FWFV7B@&W'BFR7V7B&FbFR6֖r6FVBV60B276&RF7&VFRgVǒWFFVB6r6WFf"6W&6W2vFWBVVFrFWFFR6ƖV@rFFVvFFR&6&'2WF2f"G2'BFVb6WF26FVW2FffW FR4"'&B&V6VBFFF2FF27GƗ6FƖVf7GW&W.( 2ƖRW6VFRFRU$B&VV6Pg&FV6V&W"#bFRFbFRƖRb4.( 26vV6D&6VB&V7F'2TBVG&vFVfF␦vW2&R6FW&VBf"f'&vFW72bWFS4VV2ƖvBWGWBv'&vFW72FRfWpCSrFRU$B6&W2FRFW7BDTBD66WBg&FW27G'VVG2vF7WW"v&V66B&W6WFF72g&4"4"2fW7FVBFRFWfVVBbv&V66FVR6VG&2F677FVffW&rW&Rv70V2v6FVƗfW'2&W6WFb2ƖW2W"֖ƖWG&PFV67&VV6&G7V66Fw2fR6&VVƖVBFFRF66VG2FgW'FW"V6RvRB6W W&f&6R7FFG26VFRF&6VBЦBf7W2W2F6V26gBFFW7BFR6F`FRvRWFsRfW'F6ǒB3R&FǒU$B66VFW2W&fV7BfB&w&&Pf7W2BV26gBfVGW&Rv6f6ƗFFW2V6g&VRFF7&VFR"CvW2FRU$B6#FV6V&W"#`&V7F'2b67&VV2UrFB#b"#bSC@