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Essential Install | Projectors & Screens DID YOU KNOW: Xxxxxx Stars Of The Silver Screen Pulse Cinemas says it is set to continue helping installers deliver some of the best results around Daniel J Sait auditions some of the products and companies that can cast some light on achieving greatness in the home movie world. Pulse Cinemas has been fighting the good fight to promote high standards in home cinemas for many years now. Ten years ago the company began bringing brands like Screen Research to the UK, helping to promote the concept of perforated screens and in turn helping audio quality. Growing in popularity, Screen Research now offers many types of solutions for installers, made in Poland and shipped direct to the UK. The brand also has a handy configuration tool which makes specifying screens easier and Pulse also of course offers its full support and advice service. Pulse Cinemas now has four Screen Research examples on demo at the company HQ in Stansted. Pulse also recently announced a new partnership with UK manafacturer Digital Projection, leaving many asking what the company had in store. At this year’s CEDIA convention in Dallas, Digital Projection showcased several new innovations which should excite home cinema dealers. Pulse is currently undergoing a cinema re-fit (scheduled to be finished by the time of publication) to accommodate some of these advances. Kapes Patel, technical sales director at Pulse, sums up: “Great things are ahead for Digital Projection. Dealer/ installers looking for a one stop shop, for the finest menu of distributed brands will be left delighted by the mouthwatering upgrades being installed before the Christmas holidays at Pulse Cinemas HQ.” Pulse urges all interested parties to get in touch and make an appointment to check out all the new upgrades. Distriubutor AWE is keen to underline the capabilities of Epson’s laser projector which is also HDR compatible. The EH-LS10500 features 3LCD reflective panels, 4K-enhancement, a laser light source and support for Ultra HD Blu-ray discs and other HDR sources. The manafacturer says the 3LCD reflective panels and the dual laser light source combine to produce a wide colour gamut and its deepest blacks to date. Smooth images are promoted due to the unit’s high aperture and high-speed motion responses especially during fast moving scenes. As well as supporting UHD BD disc/HDR compatibility, the unit can upscale 1080p content to 4K and also has ISF calibration on-board. Epson adds that the laser light source also enables a very wide colour space, covering RGB, DCI and Adobe RGB spaces and a long life of around 30,000 hours in Eco mode. Dual lasers also mean a quick start up time of just 20 seconds. Other home cinema friendly functions include lens shutter, hidden control panel, almost silent fan and a wide lens shift for off-centre positioning. The EH-LS10500 also has lens position memory pre-sets for up to 10 different settings up to 2.4:1. December 2016 | 27 Projectors & Screens NEW.indd 27 16/12/2016 15:44