Essential Install December 2016 - Page 24

the UK installers favoUrite FoRGET WHAT YoU knoW ABoUT nEW TilT lEARn MoRE ABoUT ADVAnCED TilT VlT6-B2 fits tVs 46" - 90" extend 5.7" 1-2-3 FAST AnD EASY inSTAll ExTEnDABlE TilT mAx wEight 68 kG VEsA tilts Up 200 x 100 MAx 690 x 415 MiN 7° dowN 12° achieve maximum tilt HEiGHT AnD lEVEl ADJUSTMEnT SAFETY TESTED (4x) iMPECCABlE WARRAnTY The FiRST 10 (VlT6) inSTAllS shared on twitter receive a SAnUS goodie box. VLT6 bracket should be visible in the images, and please make sure to include @sanus_UK in your tweet. Milestone AV Technologies BV | +44 (0)20 7043 2926 | © Milestone AV Technologies. All Rights Reserved. SANUS is a division of Milestone. SANUS, and the SANUS logo are registered trademarks of Milestone Untitled-1 1 14/12/2016 16:22