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Essential Install | Barco Standard approaches to dealing with Cinemascope result in black bars around the image thrown away and the resulting experience greatly diminished. If you increase the resolution of the display to 5120x2160 and show the same native content, the viewer will see the same black bars at the top and the bottom, but also black bars on the sides. This is where Barco Residential’s technology comes in as on its CinemaScope 4K projectors the image is scaled diagonally, which is a uniform process and maintains perfect geometry while utilising almost 2.7 million additional pixels. The result is an image filling the complete 5120x2160 space available, or true CinemaScope. The manufacturer refers to this as ‘cropping’ and there are different features under the cropping function in the menu. The procedure works by cropping off the black bars above and below the image and changing the aspect ratio to CinemaScope. That means Barco Residential scales an image that fills the complete available height of 2160 and the complete available width of 5120 to maintain the full CinemaScope aspect ratio. Handily, the machines also have an auto cropping feature which recognises CinemaScope content and automatically scales the image to fit the full resolution and of course changes back to 16:9 if the content is in that format. Barco has developed its own unique algorithms to make this happen. This type of functionality requires some processing power, so at the heart of the system is one large FPGA circuit which handles all the computation, performing the pre-setup of the image, verification and tuning. The image is processed through one of many fully separable video processing channels inside the FPGA, each featuring full 12-bit input and output. This allows the projector to measure, adjust, scale and present the best possible image on the screen. Barco Residential says there is no other projector that can match its processing power. Great performance is one thing, but installers also want to know if it’s easy to set up. Barco Residential says professionals will be surprised at how flexible and easy setup is. Unlike an anamorphic lens system which must be used in the horizontal centre of the image, there are no limitations other than the maximum available horizontal and vertical lens shift to determine placement. There is also no limitation to which lens is used, meaning installers can even get a CinemaScope image using the wide angle 0.3:1 lens for rear or front projection. Full adjustment of focus and zoom is available via the remote rather than the manual adjustments needed on an anamorphic lens. The CinemaScope functionality is of course bundled with all the other standard Barco Residential features including RealColor, extensive profile system and IP control and monitoring. The new Loki CinemaScope model requires no additional lenses Loki CinemaScope Detail The Barco Residential Loki CinemaScope offers all the same Ultra HD enhancements as its Loki projector, but now with the high-capacity 2.37:1 aspect DLP engine. The projector also employs Barco Residential’s single step image processing and low latency scaling technologies. By basing Loki CinemaScope on a proven optical architecture, custom designed aspherical glass elements and enhanced low dispersion glass lenses, Barco Residential says image quality is in a class of its own. Contrast is not only increased, but the details within the darkest parts of the image are more visible. As well as the CinemaScope functionality, Barco Residential says the Loki CinemaScope offers outstanding image quality via its brand new dual laser engine. Alongside improved image uniformity, lasers of course last longer than traditional projector lamps, are more robust than other approaches and offer fast start and shutdown cycles. Light life is up to 40,000 hours. Loki CinemaScope has departed from a purely fan-based cooling system to a liquid cooling PID regulation system, allowing the projector to operate at any angle. But all technological prowess aside, in the end this is all about creating an exceptional home theatre experience; the ‘suspension of disbelief’ referenced in the title of this article. Theo Kalomirakis, legendary US home theatre designer, had this to say about his Barco Residential CinemaScope experience: “After installing the Barco Residential Orion CinemaScope projector in my theatre, I spent a lot of time checking out how some of my favorite movies look. The experience has been nothing short of amazing. I didn’t realise how contrast-deprived I was until now, not to mention missing colour accuracy. The other thing that has spoiled me is the smooth switch between aspect ratios without having to deal with presets; the projector’s CinemaScope functionality does it for me automatically. Bottom line: no more compromises. I continue to check the movies in my collection whenever I have a moment and enjoy them as if it is the first time I saw them!” More information: Genesis Technologies +44 (0)787 9412280 December 2016 | 21 Barco FCP.indd 21 16/12/2016 10:39