Essential Install December 2016 - Page 22

Essential Install | Barco Barco Residential delivers the full CinemaScope experience, banishing the dreaded black bars Ready To Suspend Your Disbelief? Barco Residential plans to lead the way in providing a true CinemaScope experience in the home with new Loki 4K model. Ever since its first stirrings in the 1920s when French inventor Henri Chrétien developed and patented his film process called Anamorphoscope, through the format’s true birth in the 1950s, CinemaScope had held its own as a format in an ever changing world. In the America of the 1950s, TV was eating into cinema’s audience. Studios and cinema owners needed a new weapon to impress audiences. Spyros P. Skouras, president of 20th Century Fox at the time, green-lighted the creation of CinemaScope movies, the first being classic sword and sandals epic, The Robe. The format was a hit, delivering an experience movie fans had simply never had before. The cinemas loved the format because it was relatively easy to move over to the new system; all that needed to happen to the projector was to fit an anamorphic lens over the existing kit. Maintaining them and keeping alignment correct was relatively easy, as a technician was always on site. Fast forward a few decades and the modern home cinema installer can also deliver CinemaScope to clients in the same way, however anamorphic lenses are more problematic for the opposite reason to the commercial theatres of the 1950s. Many installers have often wished: would it not be great to have a projector that could just switch between formats with no extra lenses, no fuss and no need for return calibration checks? Well they don’t have to wish anymore: enter the Loki CinemaScope to join the Optix and Orion models which already offer CinemaScope functionality (with the added bonus of 4K and 5K performance on Loki). Loki Is Up To New Tricks! Due to ship in April 2017 (in the UK, Barco Residential projectors are available through and supported by Genesis Technologies), the latest addition to the Barco CinemaScope family can natively deliver this classic format loved by many, that despite huge changes around it, has held its own when other enhanced formats like 3D have had mixed results. The resolution of the Orion and Optix CinemaScope projectors is 2560x1080, while Loki Cinemascope is 5120x2160, an aspect ratio of 2.37:1. Many modern TVs made today are described as 21:9, but the real format is actually 64:27 which is 2.37:1. Barco Residential asserts the only way to get the real experience, is via projection. Most mo fW26W&6FVFW'2FB&R&VV6V@FF&R"3"C&R6ǒW6VBFW&Ц2"3S'WBG'WFFBf&B2B&VVW6R66PFRs2vVFR7FF&B7vF6VBF"3FW7FPFRFV66FffW&V6W2FR6V66RFW&2W6V@F6fW"FW6RFffW&VBfW'62ख'FBf"FR&W6FVF&WBDTB&R&0&R&VV6VB3C#c7V7B&FbcvWfW"6V66RfW2VBWW6rǐ3Cc#V2bFB&W6WFf"FR7GV7GW&SFRgVvR27F3C#c'WB&V6W6RbFPƖ֗FF2bF2&6'BbFRvR26v2FRG&VFVB&6&'2vF&W6WFVffV7FfVǐ#FV6V&W"#`&&6d5FB#b"#b3