Essential Install December 2016 - Page 19

Essential Install | Habitech Projecta's microscopically uniform HD Progressive surface is the perfect launchpad for the 4K pixels Fibreglass, woven and trad vinyl projection surfaces are far too uneven to resolve the smaller 4K pixels accurately a larger 100mm dedicated 4K lens, which ensures image accuracy and consistency to screen limits. Further tweaks to JVC’s ‘Multiple Pixel Control’ algorithm, ‘Clear Motion Drive’ technology, auto-calibration and screenadjust functionality have produced a flagship 4K design incrementally tuned to render its precious pixel offspring with breathtaking accuracy. But to see the big picture resolved in all its glory, you need a screen surface that can reflect the precise nature of those eight million teeny-weeny points of perfection. In its HD Progressive surface, Projecta has come up with all the answers. The finest surface science Micro-precision in the making: 4K pixels on a super-smooth 110" diagonal HD Progressive perforated screen Recently supercharged with the R&D resources of DaLite through its acquisition by Milestone, Projecta is able to share in a technical legacy which extends back to the birth of cinema (the original ‘Silver Screen’ was developed by Da-Lite’s founder Adele De Berri). Deployed by screens from both brands, their combined surface science understands that in order to accurately reflect the smaller 4K pixels, the screen must be microscopically uniform. Fibreglass, woven fabric and conventional vinyl surfaces are too ‘bobbly’ for the finer 4K pixel count. Your big screen 4K epiphany from the Z1 on a HD Progressive screen is possible because the screen’s proprietary new vinyl surface is consistently more even, presenting each incoming Z1 pixel with its own mirror-flat launchpad. This means that each pixel is resolved back at you undistorted. Multiply the result by eight million (8,847,360 to be exact) and you’ll see the immersive Z1 picture complete and unblemished. Surface deformations on lesser screens will cause pixel loss and ‘noise’ in the image from pixels reflecting in directions other than ideal. Every true reflection from the HD Progressive surface makes the point brilliantly: a perfect team of small things creates the biggest impact. Customise the team for every home And the complementary physics extends downrange allowing you to team up JVC X’000 series PJs with HD Progressive fixed-frame and motorised screens in a variety of custom scenarios. Employ HD Progressive surfaces optimised for low and high ambient light conditions and use the perforated surface developed by the folks at Projecta and Da-Lite for the ideal balance of audio and 4K pixel performance. What’s more you can custom-tune the little design features of Projecta’s motorised models to maximise coordination with the room: specify the width of the case and the width and length of the projection screen surface within, adjust the size of the black borders to the top and bottom as you go. Specify no black borders if this is required and select a silent motor option, as well as the position of the motor and connection box. In CI it’s always the little details that complete the perfect job. All the little gains win 4K gold Every big success is the work of many smaller victories. JVC and Projecta’s sympathetic micro-technologies are just two of the team players in a fully-connected end-to-end 4K infrastructure brought together by Habitech to generate the eyepopping panoramic exclusives. In AV as in life, it’s the incremental improvements that make the difference. I’m sure Sir Brad, and his team, would agree! More Information:Habitech +44 (0)1256 638500 December 2016 | 17 Habitech.indd 17 15/12/2016 10:18