Essential Install December 2016 - Page 15

CONTROL DISTRIBUTE AUTOMATE ...almost using …AV, UHF, IF, HDMI & WiFi signals …residential DemoPad Centro processors and with ease. Our comprehensive lighting, shading, HVAC, security DemoPad professional software. solutions and AV with HDL’s innovative The NEW £149 RRP Centro 8M Matrices from Antiference, CYP solutions. has an astronomical clock for and Triax, 4K UHD video over IP retro fit wireless HDL products scheduling, allows control of any from Blustream and enterprise partner with DemoPad’s ground device using any remote such as quality WiFi from Ubiquiti’s AP’s breaking app for seamless whole Sky or TiVo and is fully compatible and POE network switches. We building automation. Become a HDL with the new Amazon Echo. also offer a full planning service. registered installer; ask us how. anything include HDBaseT or commercial NEW, easy to install TRADE COUNTER LOCATIONS Brighton & Hove 0844 225 2700 Cardiff 0844 225 2701 Hemel Hempstead 0844 225 2703 Maidstone 0844 225 2704 Bournemouth 0844 225 2705 WWW.ALLTRADE.CO.UK Untitled-1 1 14/12/2016 16:21