Essential Install August 2017 - Page 82

Essential Install | Products LG’s ProBeam UST offers a Full HD (1080p) image LG To Unveil ProBeam UST And Minibeam Projectors At IFA LG Electronics (LG) will unveil two new projectors at IFA, the consumer electronics and home appliance show. In Berlin, LG will be introducing its ProBeam UST (Ultra Short-Throw) laser projector (model HF85JA) and LG MiniBeam (model PH30JG). The LG ProBeam UST offers a Full HD (1080p) image in a ultra-short throw design for an immersive home cinema experience. Ultra Short-Throw projectors are convenient as they do not require professional installation, a jumble of unsightly cables or expansive space between the projector and the screen, the ProBeam UST only requiring 12cm to display a 100in image. And the ProBeam UST is intuitive to use because it does not require its own stand – simply place it on any existing furniture and it becomes movie night. The LG ProBeam UST generates up to 1,500 ANSI lumen of brightness, 1.5 times brighter than LG’s previous UST projector. And the ProBeam UST’s 150,000:1 contrast ratio ensures that the visual output is crisp and accurate. The light source in the ProBeam UST is durable, estimated to last up to 20,000 hours. The LG ProBeam UST offers options to connect it to a number of wireless speakers or headphones. Its four corner keystone feature corrects both horizontal and vertical distortion of the picture providing flexibility to position the projector. The LG MiniBeam is an easy to use portable projector also set to debut at IFA 2017. An HD projector with a built-in battery that lasts up to four hours, the MiniBeam packs plenty of cord-free power to play back two full-length movies. One of its most impressive features, Multi-Angle Projection, allows the device to be tilted up to 70° to display an image high on a wall or even on the ceiling without the use of a tripod. It can send an audio signal to any other Bluetooth- enabled device – wireless speaker, smartphone even a car audio system. “We are immensely proud of our long-standing position as the global leader in portable LED projectors,” says Jang Ik-hwan, head of the IT business division at LG Electronics. “The projectors that we’ll be debuting at IFA will provide consumers with an immersive, high-quality home c [[XH^\Y[H]8&\^[Y[H۝[Y[ [XXH[['B[XۚX H  ˘BX[Y\\^H]^\H\X]Y[\[BP [™\\^H“X[8&\Y\[BVN \[BX[\][YHP  P[ܝX[X\Y \\ܛX[H\^XXX[8&\˜\XY\[HX[K[[ܙYXH Z[[ۈ\H[HR[ۙH[ M]H[Z[\\و[\^XY[ MˈX[8&\]P  P[ܝٙ\YHX\]H\\XY[[^[H\X[]HقX[YX\\&\ZHY\[H\[KHP 8&\[X[ۈ[\X\Y^XXX[8&\XH][VN [Yܘ]Y]Y[\[K][H\و\Y [ۈ[[\HPLX[Z[]Y[^Y\T L ۛYH[RLMLXYۙH[\YY\ݚYHH\]HY]\XX[][ۋHP XYH\&\]Y[]H]XHHܛX[]K[\[]\\X[[\܈ܜX[ۂ\[\H[\\X[X\\\\[X[\XY[ˈH[[HX]\\HY \\ܛX[B[ܝ]HYH\[[Z[][H^K\[Y[YY][\܈\\]ZY]\[[ܙHX\]H\XY[˂HP \YHY][]]Έ^X[[X[ \ܝ[Y \\][ۈ X] NL]Y[H\X[8&\Y]\HPۛX[ۈXٙ\HX\HۛX[ۈ܈Y \\P]Y[ˈ܈[\[^XXHP [H\Y][HP]HY][^܈X[[] \YۙY\[Y[]\XX[X[X]\\۝[]Hܝ[Yܘ]BHP ]\X[\[H\ۙ[ˈHP X]\\\XX[[[]H\YZ[\Y[\\X\۝[[ [[[Z[]Y[[[Z[][H[ X\˂]]\\Y\X]܈܈HR\ܙ[X\X˂X[  MNH LN X[X˘B ]Y\ M