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Essential Install | Products Sanus Streams To The Rescue TVs can be securely mounted on Sanus’ panel Sanus’ new SASP1 Streaming Device Panel will allow installers and end-users to secure their streaming media boxes behind a wall mounted TV. With the advent of small media boxes, such as Apple TV, Tivo, Amazon Fire or Roku, the installer has had to find methods of securing these behind the TV, usually unsatisfactorily using multiple tie-wraps and hook and loop fasteners that just about hold the box in place. Sanus says it has come up with a beautifully simple, but effective solution to the problem that is compatible with any mount. The Streaming Device Panel is a perforated metal plate that affixes to a Sanus TV mount without screws or to any other mount or directly to the rear of the TV with a simple screw fixing. Using the provided straps, streaming devices and other TV accessories can be discreetly and securely mounted to the panel, out of sight behind the TV. Designed to hold most small devices up to 1.3 kg, it simply attaches to a Sanus full motion or tilting mount, such as the VLT6, VLF613, VLF628 or VMF620, slides in from side and is held in place with a bayonet fitting – no screws are needed. Commenting on the launch, Rick van Bommel, senior international marketing and product manager, says: “The forward thinking team in the Sanus R&D department have once again come up with an elegant and useful solution to a real-world problem: where to position the Apple TV or Amazon Fire? It is always an issue; often poorly solved using tie-fasteners, double sided tape and other unsatisfactory solutions. The new Streaming Devices Panel makes a safe, secure and hidden installation possible in just a few minutes and we feel sure it’s going to be a very useful addition to the installer’s tool kit.” Sanus +44 (0) 207 043 2926, Meridian Launches New 271 Digital Theatre Controller The 271 integrates any AV processor with Meridian’s DSP loudspeakers Meridian Audio has launched the 271 Digital Theatre Controller. The maker says the product allows integrators to deliver an exceptional and immersive home cinema experience to their customers, complete with high quality dynamics and clarity, in analogue, digital and 3D format applications. The 271 is designed to integrate any analogue or digital AV processor on the market with Meridian’s DSP (Digital Signal Processing) loudspeakers, renowned for bringing high-quality, high resolution, immersive audio into home cinemas. “The ambition to generate maximum performance and the ultimate audio fidelity from any source is in Meridian’s DNA,” says Barry Sheldrick, Meridian’s director of sales. “That’s exactly what the 271 does for home cinema. For the first time, this Digital Theatre Controller enables the integrator to benefit from our DSP speaker technology using their processor of choice, giving their clients the best possible experience. As clients continue to move from physical media to streaming content, where lossy, low resolution codecs are the norm for the foreseeable future, our 271 is also the premium performance option for Atmos, Auro and DTS-X 3D formats.” A key focus for Meridian in the design of the 271 was the ease of installation and integration. Although it contains more than 4,000 individual components, the 271 is only 2U high and is designed for easy rack-mounting. Integrating the 271 into an existing AV system is simple thanks to an IP controlled set up and configuration platform, and control modules for a number of third party systems. As with all 200 series components, the 271 is cool running and requires no ventilation. Meridian Audio +44 (0) 1480 445622, PMC’s cor amplifier is pure analogue PMC Reveals ‘Cor’ Integrated Amplifier At The Indulgence Show The PMC room at Audio London, part of The Indulgence Show, will be the first venue in the UK where audiophiles can experience the “cor”, the company’s new consumer integrated amplifier. Designed and built in the UK, the cor integrated is an amplifier that brings PMC’s holistic design philosophy to high- end electronics, for pure analogue music reproduction. The maker says all the components were specified without compromise after extensive listening tests, including the volume control, the tone and balance faders, which are all motorised using the finest technology from professional mixing consoles, and are remote controllable. The cor also features a true audiophile Class A/B headphone amplifier. Whatever the sensitivity of the headphones, PMC says the cor has enough drive to make them sing, with a musical, neutral and transparent sound. The cor will be on show September 29 to October 1. PMC +44 (0) 870 4441044, 76 | August 2017