Essential Install August 2017 - Page 71

Essential Install | Training Combining On-Line With In-Person Training Neil Walton, training manager at Crestron EMEA. “The aim of training is to impart information to improve the students’ performance and help them to attain a level of knowledge and skill. Customisable integrated solutions are becoming more and more versatile and training is the way to achieve the full potential of these systems. “I have consistently stated that I consider training to be the single most important investment a business can make. Over the last few years we have seen an increase in on-line training at Crestron, with the majority of these course being prerequisites to the Crestron Technical Institute classroom courses. “Online courses provide a convenient and flexible form of training but miss the face to face element of the classroom format. At Crestron we pride ourselves in providing students who attend our classrooms with the latest up-to-date Crestron products at every student workstation. Training is presented in an environment where students meet and interact with fellow students and the trainers themselves. “At Crestron there there is a combination of online training, where students can prepare and gain knowledge in their own time in preparation for classroom training, and hands-on workshop training with their peers has proved a successful combination for Crestron. The 4000+ students that attend Crestron Technical Institutes throughout EMEA is testament to the value and effectiveness of this approach.” Habitech has a new course on cyber security Since 2012, Amina has insisted that UK installers are trained ahead of using Amina products in their projects and encourage international distribution partners to take the same stance. The speakers themselves are not difficult to install but mistakes can be expensive to fix. The speakers, once plastered into a wall or ceiling, are effectively there for good and should provide many years of high quality service. However, should there be any issues, the most common of which are excessive plaster in front of the speaker (>2cm as opposed to 2mm) or being exposed to very moist conditions in unsealed buildings, then it is not just a case of a quick swap out for replacements, especially if the room has been fully, and perhaps expensively, decorated in the meantime. Through training, the possibility of making avoidable mistake due to lack of knowledge or ignorance is greatly reduced. Amina wants its partners and clients to have a good experience and be delighted with the outcome. Additionally there are numerous benefits in using VPT (Vibrational Panel Loudspeakers), besides the very obvious benefit that they are invisible in application, which need explanation to maximise the results. The training covers how the technology works and how to market and to sell the benefits. Detailed consideration is given to specifying the speakers in residential and commercial applications. The aim is for attendees to understand the range of options in terms of speaker selection, price positioning and physical placement. The installation of the different families of speakers, plaster over and plaster up are covered in detail using a mixture of video and a demonstration wall, as well as specifying why testing pre and post plastering is crucial. The day is broken up with demonstrations and this, in particular, is why Amina is enthusiastic to have installers attend training. There still remains prejudice that invisible means a compromise on sound quality and Amina frequently see a spike in project activity and demand after people have visited, reflecting a new found confidence. The Amina installer training is CEDIA accredited. Habitech has new training courses; 4K End-to-End, Cyber Security, Control Integration and Home Theatre Level 1, in addition to its existing training programs, ProNET, ProNET Foundation and ProNET Advanced. Its new course, Cyber Security, seeks to educate integrators to the risk of cyber-attack on the security of their sys FVFW6v2w&VFW"66W72FB&PƖ&W&W6RbFRFW&WBWfW'7V7BbƖfRFF2V6W&vVBFR&ƖfW&FbF&VG2FW6vVBFW6RgVW&&ƗFW2g&VRvfV66VFDբU&B2Be6V7W&GD2fw2W&ФFW26gGv&RBBFWf6W2g&W6g&G07V66W72BFR&V6VB4TDFV6f'VFFP6W'6R6fW'2FR&6W2b6V7W&RWGv&FW6vB6Vw&VvFFd2BW2rF&7FW WGv&6V7W&GB6VFW2&7F6FV7G&F0&WfVƖrFRV6RvFv6B276&RFfG&FR77FVFVBW֖W2FR7FW2FFRFFVfVB@&FV7BBआ&FV6( 26G&FVw&F6W'6Rf7W6W2GvbG2WR6G&'&G36R6G&@7W&f6RVB&W6rFR6VG&Ɨ6VBFW6vFVwbVv777FV2FW6R6WF2&fFRV6&PVvR66&RBfW'6FRR6G&Ff&V&6VBvFV6VBfVGW&W27V62&֗GFWFV7F6V6B67&VV7GW&R֖7GW&RBUd07G&V֖rGW&rFR6W'6RFVVvFW2vvG2ЦWW&V6RbFR6fwW&FB&w&֖r`FR'&G2FRRFVG&RWfV7V6f6F@6Ɩ'&F6W'6R27V6f6ǒ&WBFRFV66ƗFW0b7V66W76gVRFVG&RFW6vFR6W'6R6fW'0FR$4&GV7B&vR6VFrFVw&FVB`&V6VfW'2BvW"2FvWFW"vFFRv6FХ46W&W2VV7G&7266RBv6FFVG&P7VW'2FVVvFW2vvw&VFW"VFW'7FFr`FRfVGW&W2B&VVfG2bFRf&W2vW"ƖfW FW6v6FVv&W2672"BWF2BvWBG2খG&GV7FFF&2FR&VF6'&V7F6gGv&P'VBF$4( 2&V6VfW"B&6W76"&vRF06W'Ff6FVB6W'6Rw&G266W72FFR$4@v6F&vRb&GV7G2VwW7B#rc