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Essential Install | Smart Thinking: CAVD Audio Excellence speaker systems follow the Congard Code “We know who we are and we know what we do. We do it with the right brands and we do it very well.” 8K No Way CAVD are unconvinced of the longevity of 8K. “We’re quite dubious,” says Jamie. “It’s four times the resolution of 4K but we think it’ll take four times as long too to make any meaningful impact in residential, if at all! 4K is arguably beneficial for many screen sizes so something else other than a resolution race might make a better offering for consumers.” “On the audio side, we’re waiting to see if ‘steerable’ audio hits the home market as it has in pro audio,” adds Wayne. Future Tech Trends In the near future, CAVD think that more and more items throughout an installation will be linked only with network cabling. “So HDMI cables may disappear, speaker and interconnect cables too. Plenty of products run this way already but it’ll catch on more”, Wayne believes. A system like this will be easy to monitor and all round ‘smarter’. “Getting mains power to networked speakers for example could be tricky but then again many might possibly be able to run from low voltage over CAT cable if driver technology can be improved,” offers Wayne. Blending Aesthetics With Technology As needs and tastes evolve the audio visual market matures. Technology has to fit in with lifestyle choices and CAVD believe aesthetics are now as important as pure performance. Its brands encompass this ethos through their style and minimalist effect. One of its brands, Nakymatone, are invisible speakers, hidden in the wall, producing high quality audio. Jamie explains, “You want to use them, hear them – not see them.” An invisible subwoofer is in the pipeline which, CAVD explain, would create a totally invisible solution. Brilliant Brands Agath’s luxury mirror TVs offer 6 choices of glass As well as the Nakymatone invisible speakers, CAVD has a variety of high-end AV brands. Their offering for amplifiers is ADA, their eight or 16 channel amplifiers can provide power, reliability and true HiFi clarity. ADA components are US made and ideal for multi-room or multi-channel amplification. Based in Lyon, AGATH are a manufacturer of luxurious mirror TVs, ideal for classic or contemporary residences. With six choices of glass that can be custom cut to size, the TV can become a piece of art, seamlessly blending into the environment. Audio Excellence is a speaker system with incredible bass control. The Vertex and Raijuu speakers are UK manufactured by Patrice Congard and come with matching amplification and DSP. Patrice’s ‘Congard Code’, a methodology for configuring a sound system is already turning heads in the industry. Designed and built in France, Cineversum produces elegant and futuristic looking projectors. The latest Blackwing MK2017 sports a Stealth Fighter inspired chassis designed by Antoine Beon, and is well equipped with HDR, 4K and DCI-P3 colour gamut. Built by audiophiles for audiophiles in California, Datasat’s LS10 and RS20i are reference level home cinema processors. Based near Venice, Home Theatre Environment (HTE) design and manufacture acoustically perfect luxurious cinema rooms. CAVD believe that the service is the most complete, saving precious project time, often more profitable and always results in a space that client’s love. Integrators can make use of HTE’s free, fast Online Room Configurator. Hand built to order in Suffolk, Screen Excellence make acoustically transparent projection screens. They benefit from absolute minimal loss of audio performance through the screen and maximum impact from 4K and upwards resolution. California’s Stewart Filmscreen create commercial, custom and built-to-order cinema screens. Engineering standards and material technology, such as the new Phantom HALR set the bar and can be enjoyed in all models from fixed frame to full motorised masking screens. Onwards And Upwards “Sometimes people think the industry is bigger than it actually is, some manufacturers have huge expectations of what you can do. When you take a look at how big the pie is, it’s sizeable but there are a lot people taking a slice. So you have to try and give yourself an edge,” Jamie concludes. With continued success as their company grows, their edge is good quality brands, a lot of a hard work and seamless teamwork. Jamie, Claire and Wayne – three’s a charm. August 2017 | 57