Essential Install August 2017 - Page 58

Essential Install | Smart Thinking: CAVD Luxury designed home theatre from HTE Three’s A Charm EI caught up with CAVD in their new showroom to find out about its latest AV brands, identify future tech trends, and predict the shape of things to come… CAVD, custom audio visual distribution, comprises a terrific trio who each bring their own expertise and specialist skillset to the company. Jamie is business minded with a wealth of experience in AV, Claire is a one woman operations machine, and their newest recruit Wayne has incredible in depth technical knowledge and a creative edge. “Whilst some distributors are trying to create a one stop shop for anything an integrator may need, at CAVD, we’ve decided to specialise in high end cinema and multi-room solutions. We know our products really well, work closely with the manufacturers and add more of a service on top of what we do as distributors. I like to think we put our own stamp on it,” says Jamie. Take A Brand And Add Value To It Building A Business When Jamie formed CAVD three years ago, he wanted to be very clear about the defined structure and its place in the industry. Jamie knows the challenges of growing a business and has a strong plan. “For a start, we need to have more dealers and that’s our immediate goal. We’ve got to a stage now where we’ve got our products set,” he says. “As we grow, we’re starting to advertise, we’ve got our premises in Marlow Bottom and the vision is to grow the company year on year with more dealers and more staff to accommodate the additional work!” The Next Five Years In AV Datasat’s RS20i. Built by audiophiles for audiophiles 56 | August 2017 But what of the industry more generally, where do CAVD see it in 5 years? “On the projector front, we’re likely to see lamps phase out altogether,” explains Claire. “Most likely heading for more laser based technology, however if LED could be engineered to be brighter then that would be exciting. They tend to run at lower temperatures which is always a good thing when it comes to projection.”