Essential Install August 2017 - Page 51

Essential Install | Network and Wireless Technology Homeit create solutions for the short stay market Adaptive Routing Technology ensures the network is always operating at its maximum speed, quickly identifying and selecting the fastest path for all devices to connect to the network. Deco M5 also optimises connections between devices to deliver the very best in coverage. With Deco, customers have the ability to control how bandwidth is used, making it easy to prioritise services and devices for heavy bandwidth tasks such as HD video streaming, online gaming or video chats. TP-Link’s free Deco mobile app, available for Android and iOS, allows consumers to easily set up whole home Wi-Fi coverage in minutes. With step by step instructions and visuals, the app provides information on the entire setup process. Another take on the remote access phenomenon is Homeit, a manufacturer of remote access solutions suitable for the short stay market. The company produces a standalone remote access product that integrates directly with services such as AirBnB, and is now available in the UK. The short stay market has had many installers and manufacturers scratching their heads trying to work out a way to fully exploit this growing market, which by definition should be able to benefit from some sort of automation, particularly in gaining access to the property when the owner is not there. Currently, in the UK alone, 45,000 properties are registered with AirBnB, and that does not take into account all the other properties and businesses that could still benefit from an injection of technology. More brits are holidaying in the UK, with figures showing a big rise in UK holiday enquiries last year, and in 2017 too. Also around 200,000 Brits also now own a holiday home, for which they may require automated access. Homeit says its main unique selling points include that its system integrates directly into platforms like AirBnB and can also recommend tested service providers in the area the property is in. That includes things such as cleaning, laundry and plumbing which allows the owner to book and grant access from within the Homeit platform. The system can handle more than one property per client, and the maker describes it as easy, fast, reliable and most importantly, safe. Homeit is already working with Airbnb, allowing for easy access control management for each door, specific to a guest’s booked dates. Once fitted, hosts can just paste their AirBnB listing link on the Homeit dashboard and then generate access codes for the confirmed bookings. They can then send these codes to their guests (via Homeit) by SMS, email or through AirBnB’s messaging system. The whole system is designed to ease the passing of often the most stressful and unpleasant part of the transaction for the guest and the host, getting safe access to the property, no need for key handovers, copied keys or the possibility of losing them all together. The Homeit system works with every door, internal and external, whatever the physical lock and can be controlled whatever the country the property is in regardless of where the host is. The product can be fitted to period or new buildings. Homeit is already installed in 350 short-term rental properties in Portugal, Barcelona and Paris, having provided access to over 11,000 guests so far. It’s currently piloting its own tried and tested Laundry-On-Demand service, integrated into the app and has plans to add cleaning and guest booking platforms. Although the company will sell to the public, the platform works with its own pro fitters and it looking to build contacts, fitting requires basic knowledge of electricity and carpentry. More Information: Wiselan +44 (0)870 7872144, Habitech +44(0)1256 638500, Invision UK +44 (0)1359 270280, WyreStorm +44 (0) 1793 230343, RGB Communications, 44 (0)1488 73366,, Connected Distribution + 44 (0)1242 511133,, TP Link +44 (0)118 3271135, Homeit +351 930 534169, August 2017 | 49