Essential Install August 2017 - Page 45

Essential Install | Network and Wireless Technology Installers can use Domotz Pro to provide remote tech support to customers Habitec’s Ruckus Unleashed is a controller-less WLAN solution Also available from the same supplier, Domotz has developed an intelligent search engine for connected devices. Its most popular application Fing is the #1 network scanner in the world. Popular amongst both consumers and professionals for security and troubleshooting purposes, Fing has over 14 million downloads, 2.5 million average monthly users, 700k daily network searches, and over one billion devices discovered every year. The Domotz PRO system for network monitoring enables professionals to deliver tech support remotely and build profi table and engaging managed service schemes. Installers can use Domotz Pro to provide remote tech support to customers, get alerted in real-time about problems and troubleshoot issues from anywhere by app, provide remote support and save money and time on unnecessary trips to homes and businesses, and build recurring monthly revenue selling maintenance services to customers. Domotz automatically scans available services for one click remote access, no VPN or other router confi guration are necessary. The software supports remote desktop and can connect to computers via secure encrypted connection. Remotely access device consoles and access the web in one click with no router or fi rewall confi guration. Manage lighting systems, control systems, IP cameras, routers and anything else that supports web access. The system can remotely power devices on and off or reboot them. With Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality, installers can also control the power to individual ports on Luxul managed switches, as well as schedule auto Wake-on-Lan to wake devices at a pre-defi ned time and wake devices on demand, via the Wake-on-Lan button. Domotz Pro supports Luxul, but also most other common IP-enabled power distribution units. With automatic email and push notifi cation alerts, the system can send alerts when an important device goes offl ine, allowing time to fi x the issue, often before the customer even knows there’s a problem. Another good feature is that when new devices join the network, an alert is triggered, giving information about intruders or potential network security threats. The system also allows installers to perform speed tests on demand and automatically for network performance reports over time and perform a route analysis to identify where internet issues are originating and get history of the network’s online/offl ine status changes. For supported network managed switches, technicians can get information about status of port and upload/download traffi c. Habitech is keen to underline the new Ruckus Unleashed, a controller-less WLAN solution that enables integrators to deploy Wi-Fi quickly and affordably, says the distributor. It allows each Unleashed AP on the network to actively serve clients, eliminating the complexity of a controller-based WLAN in single location deployments of up to 25 APs and/or 512 clients. Now, with the support of a new mobile app (search Ruckus Unleashed on the App Store), Unleashed APs can be confi gured in seconds and deployed in minutes. August 2017 | 43