Essential Install August 2017 - Page 38

Essential Install | Case Study: Henri Integrating automation with modern interior design me the proudest. The quality of work, the dedication and respect for clients. A family spirit prevails at our company, a passion you can feel which is the main ingredient of each of our projects.” An Active Client The pool can be viewed from the living room So how did this most modern of homes get the technology it deserved? Michael explains: “We got along with the client from the beginning and had the chance to be closely in touch with him throughout the project. He is a very pleasant and passionate man and has a brilliant mind. He got very interested in his technology project, understanding everything very quickly, knowing the product brands and references, asking questions about audio and video formats, protocols and so on. For us, it is the best possible context because we get to design and to improve this project with him and make sure everything fitted his needs. Logistical Complications “The project itself is a 3000 sqm (32000 sqft) villa, divided into five floors. For us being based in Paris, we also had to manage logistics in order to deliver the project over there, but we were very proud when the client contacted us and decided to work with us even regarding the distance and additional cost.” Michael adds: “Concerning the main objectives and design criteria for this project, there were four of them: Cutting-edge technology, scalability, total integration and easiness of use. Cutting-edge technology implies that we selected the best products for each system, making sure the audio format is the best, the video resolution also and so on. Because the project lasted very long, but we had the chance to be involved quite soon, we made our design evolve as many times as necessary in order to provide the best. “Scalability, because even if the client knew he would get the best existing technology at the delivery date of his house, he wanted to anticipate on possible future equipment. Our engineering design reflects this as we tried to prepare cabling and integration for technologies to come.” Total Integration The company wanted to achieve total integration, first in terms of technical integration, meaning every electronic system of the house, whether it was installed by Henri or not, is a part of the automation system and can be controlled and monitored. Another big challenge was getting the technology to fit with the home’s cutting edge and very high- concept architectural design. Finally, ease of use was a big factor for the client, this was a big test of the company’s ability to deliver complex hidden systems, with easy to control interfaces. 36 | August 2017