Essential Install August 2017 - Page 31

Essential Install | Home Cinema Seating Cineca’s Siena has a clean and modern look Hidden storage in Ekornes’ Arion seating also detect human contact in mechanism pinch points, stopping the motor to reduce risk of injury while also preventing damage to the chair. With numerous other options designed for comfort and convenience, the smart chair blends high tech functionality with aesthetic appeal, since the technology can be added to any Fortress Seating model chair, sofa, loveseat lounger, or sectional. Control systems can be programmed to trigger automated responses based on human motion, such as when the occupant sits or stands. Additionally, the smart chair senses when an impingement occurs and ceases all motorised functions or movement. These safety oriented features make the smart chair the perfect fi t in any room throughout the home, not just home theatres or media rooms. With Fortress Smart Chair technology, the maker says end user options and integrator opportunities are virtually limitless. Cineca have a variety of seating solutions including the Siena, Modena, Elba and Verona. The Siena has a contemporary design and fi ts any home cinema. The design features contras