Essential Install August 2017 - Page 27

Essential Install | Home Cinema Seating Moovia’s range can have motorised footrests and massage settings Sofa, So Good! Sit back, relax and unwind as EI takes a look at the latest in luxury lounging furniture. In 2003, Frank Dlugos first embarked on the journey towards Moovia when he founded a projection screen company named Visivo in the heart of Germany’s majestic Black Forest. Recognising the opportunity to create products that were as unique as his surroundings, it was here that Frank conceived the idea to make personalised home cinema accessories. In the next six years, Visivo had grown significantly, and with rapid growth came rapid change. Due to a growing demand for high-quality, handmade and fully customisable seating, Visivo decided to apply concentrated effort into bringing the dream of luxury home theatre seating to fruition with a new seating brand Moovia. Moovia believes that home cinema seating should be comfortable and user friendly. Food and beverages should be within easy reach, adjustable reclining chairs to find the perfect position are a must and a massage feature is an essential luxury. When finished using the home cinema, Salamander’s seating has an excellent choice of accessories Moovia seating ensures total automation, with a single button to return the seats to their upright position. With top-class craftsmanship, high-end materials and sustainable design, home theatre chairs by Moovia are designed to fulfil the desire for outstanding product quality and create genuine values by adapting modern shapes with the latest home automation and furniture technologies. The seating is manufactured to each individual’s requirements and aesthetic preferences. Offering a variety of different models and configurations, 100s of colour options and a multitude of accessories, no two seats are identical. Clients can choose to include motorised footrests and backrests with independent control available if required. They can choose cup holders from a variant of difference finishes, with and without illumination, decide on storage components for stowing away favourite snacks, select contrast and/or diamond stitching details, pick articulating head rests and upgrade with a massaging backrest. The brand is available through Invision UK. Salamander Designs is a high-end furniture design company from the US, established for over twenty years. Its flair for design extends to the luxury range of home theatre seating offered by Habitech. Elegant, refined and functional, its range of six Salamander design styles is supplied with a very wide selection of leather and suede finishes in a myriad of colours, all with left/right manual/ powered recline control options and a wide choice of accessories, including the Clark Tactile Sound Transducer, which produces vibrations over the full range of tactile and audible frequencies (in contrast to similar products known as shakers that add only bass vibrations), swivel tables and choice of leather iPad holders. August 2017 | 25