Essential Install August 2017 - Page 23

Essential Install | CYP All CYP products go through rigorous pre testing How does in-the-field feedback influence CYP product design? The nature of custom installation is that every install is different. This means that no matter how hard we try to incorporate every feature that is required, there are times when our customers require additional support for their designs. We offer site-visits as part of our service commitment. Our knowledge and relationships with the key AV display manufacturers generally means that we are already developing new products and are ahead of the curve prior to the technology hitting the market. What product testing does each CYP solution go under before getting to market? It is a very rigorous process, as we don’t Beta test on our customers, and by the time the product sample arrives in the UK, it has already seen significant R&D. We test the product in both Taiwan and UK, enabling us to iron out any regional bugs such as product (display/source) compatibility and EDID issues. Prior to manufacture, the sample is put through a number of physical tests such as temperature (hot/cold) and electrical safety including reactions to electrical power source spikes. Each product then goes through hundreds of hours of soak testing to replicate real-world usage to avoid using our customers as guinea pigs! Only once we are 100% satisfied will we then launch the product to the market. We also conduct ongoing random product testing to confirm consistency and reliability of any updates. How were recent issues with display manufacturers solved with the help of CYP? CYP training explains how to deliver 4K signals Firmware updates are commonplace from panel manufacturers. This can highlight many issues with installed systems as, overnight, a fully-functional system can suddenly display faults. It is often the case that any glitches are to do with the display automatically updating its firmware and not anything to do with the signal distribution system. However, the finger is normally pointed at the signal distribution system, as big-brand TVs never go wrong, right…? Thanks to our close relationship with big brand display manufacturers, we are able to resolve such issues quickly and efficiently. If a firmware fix is required from our side, this is something we can create in-house within our team of R&D and technical engineers based her at our HQ in Shepperton. Therefore, we can jump on things quickly and, in a lot of cases, fix an issue before it is even known about by the end-user. What training do you offer to your install partners, in particular around technologies such as HDBaseT? The CYP Training Academy currently offers two levels of training. Our half day Level 1 course is a hands-on practical introduction for installers that are new to more complex AV installations. As well as explaining the key differences between different video technologies, we introduce the latest methods of signal transfer (including HDBaseT), how to use a matrix and successful system testing. For more experienced installers, our Level 2 full day course delves more into true 4K signal distribution and some common issues that arise. We run thro VvFRFW7@FV6vW26VFrTBE"6&7V"6ƖpBF'F22vV2FRFW7BDԒFV6vW22F22Gf6VB6W'6RvR6FV6FWFG&V&R6FrFV6VW2f"VF&RG&7FF6G&f%2#3""vV$uTB6G&BFVw&F7'V6ǒ&F6W'6W2&Rg&VRvRf&ǒ&VƖWfRF@'&frFRvVFvRb7V6Ɨ7B7FW'2FPfW&'W6W72v&fRf"WfW'RBFBFW&Pv&R&RfVRffW&VBFVBW6W'2gFW"v@2FRBW2frbF2vVFvRB@6&rBvFF6Rv&R7GVǒBFR6f6RvB2ffVBvFW"6FRFV67W'CBvRFRF27&VF&ǒ6W&W6ǒBfRfW7FV@6vf6FǒW"7W'BFVB6W'f6W2&VpFWfVW"BVf7GW&W"vRfRfW''&@VFW'7FFrbFR77VW2f6VB'FR7FW"W@FRfVBW"FVbFW&bVvVW'2`v6&R6FR&VwV&ǒ&R&FFV66ǒWVV@BWW&V6VBW6rFRF2vR7WǒFf@77VW2F22&V6W6RFW&RffVBvFFPFWfVVBb&GV7Bg&66WFF&VvF&GV7F6rBR6FRBWB6BW ff6W2vRfRvFR&vRb7FF66V&2vP6&WƖ6FRFR&Gb77VW2ֆW6R&V7BV6ǐF6Bf77VW2vBFW2FRgWGW&RBf FRbVFW'FVB7FW#FRb6V2WfW"6vrG66RvFW f7W22v2&Vr&GV7BfFB&VpBFR7WGFrVFvRbFW6vBVf7GW&RvR&P67FFǒW&rFRFW7BD&6UBBFW 766FVBbFV6vW2rvFFWfVp&VƖ&RGW7G'7FF&B6WF26R&W7V7G2vR&RBFRW&7bFRF7Vf7GW&W'2v&PG&frFRFV6wf'v&B6vRfRFFW7BFFRFVG2F6F6gFR67VW"B7FW"vRrFBFR7W'BFW6( B7F7FFBvRfWrbW"7FW"BVf7GW&W &VF622'FW'62'v&r66VǐvF&FvR&R&RFG&fRb6vF7G&'WFFV6wf'v&BFWr&V2( 2&VƖ&ǒBBFP7WGFrVFvRbW&f&6R&Rf&F5CB#23s7WW&R6ФVwW7B#r#