Essential Install August 2017 - Page 13

Essential Install | News Lutron has integrated its lighting technology with Google Home Want To Control Your Lights? Just Ask Google Lutron Electronics is integrating its technology with Google Assistant to allow homeowners to easily control their lighting with Lutron GRAFIK RA 2 and HomeWorks QS systems using Google Home, offering greater flexibility. “Lutron continues to work with best-in-class companies to enhance our customers’ connected home experience. This latest integration with the Google Assistant reinforces Lutron’s leadership in the connected home space,” said David Ribbons, director of sales, Europe and Africa at Lutron Electronics. “With the Google Assistant, customers can interact with, and direct their connected homes easier than ever, and for today’s busy families, this service is invaluable.” Google Home, offers users a voice-enabled speaker powered by the Google Assistant, allowing consumers to take advantage of Google’s Internet search power. Users can also stream music and manage everyday tasks – and now, with Lutron’s new alliance, consumers can also control lighting and motorised window treatments throughout the house via voice control. In addition to Google Home, the integration with Lutron and the Google Assistant is available with the Assistant on eligible Android phones and iPhones. With this on-the-go control, users can can calm worries such as leaving the lights on by saying, “Ok, Google, turn on goodbye”. And when returning home, telling the Google Assistant “Ok, Google, turn on welcome” means the system can deliver the appropriate setting. The Google Assistant works with Lutron’s GRAFIK RA 2 and HomeWorks QS systems via the Lutron Connect Bridge and App. The free Lutron Connect App is available for both Apple and Android smart devices. GRAFIK RA 2 and HomeWorks QS are available from authorised dealers throughout Europe. Lutron Electronics +1 (844) 588-7661, Essential People Invision’s sales spe cialist Karl Brett Dirac Research’s new executive Nadeem Firasta Invision has appointed Karl Brett as sales specialist for LILIN and Aquavision. Karl will be responsible for driving awareness and sales for these key brands. “We are very pleased that Karl has taken on this new role, his drive within sales has proven that he will excel with the challenges that he may come up against,” said Chris Dawson, sales and support manager. Based in Silicon Valley, Nadeem Firasta joins Dirac Research as the Swedish company’s first US-based executive, with responsibility for all North American business development and new product strategies. Nadeem joins Dirac after a 17-year career in various leadership positions at Intel Corporation. Mathias Johansson, Dirac co-founder and CEO said: “Global demand for our audio technologies has now grown to the point where a US-based footprint is necessary to fully leverage the opportunities being created by this growth. Nadeem’s product and business development acumen, along with his Silicon Valley community connections, are precisely what we need to propel our company to the next level of success.” August 2017 | 11