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Trend Report from the Runway Karl Lagerfeld has always been interested in taking the codes of Chanel and reworking them to reflect something modern. He is notorious for insisting his work is never looking back and only forward so it’s no wonder this was especially the message at the Chanel Data Centre for spring 2017. The show opened with robots in traditional versions of a Chanel tweed skirt suit but what followed was an easy and effortless collection with a mix of contrasts providing the newness Karl is so insistent upon. He called it “intimate technology” and gave us a varied and endless mix of both. Technology is inherent in the ability of the most traditional fabric at Chanel, the tweed, to be constantly updated and reworked to reflect the house’s sensibility and Karl Lagerfeld’s desire to look forward. This is the vanguard for the line and is something that Lagerfeld managed to rework into a light and casual fabric. The colours of the cables from the Data Centre set seemed to be woven into the yarns of a jacket while the copper wire from inside the machine was used to add a metallic touch to some of the pieces. There was a modern ease and simplicity to the lines of the clothes seen in slouchy jackets paired with full skirts and wide leg trousers. That ease was taken even further with the incorporation of lingerie pieces, the “intimate” part of the motif. Many pieces were presented as under pinnings for jackets and dresses, but always a peek of them somewhere. The most effective of these were the tweed skirts with zippers running the full length of the front and back, allowing the wearer to decide how intimately she wants to present the lingerie beneath. Some of the pieces felt a little like just wearing your peignoir set out for dinner but when they were mixed in as a light and feminine layer they were extremely successful. Prints were out in full force, and multi-colours with digital inspired graphics printed on gossamer silks. Again he shows us the contrast of these bright patterns mixed with the quiet tones of blush pink and soft whites. The maximalist approach at Chanel was 30  THE ESSENTIAL CALGARY 2016/17 familiar with every girl decked out in at least three statement pieces. The Lagerfeld signature fingerless gloves were there and so was the Coco Chanel trademark camellia. Flat shoes have always been a staple for Chanel and this season they were the shoe of choice without a high heel in sight. It seems the one earring trend is still going strong as long as it’s massive and jewelled, but the most fun accessories were the bags which seem to get wackier each season. My favourite was a tie between a small robot on a chain to an incredible bag that lit up with patterns and was programmed to read CHANEL, because while technology is critical to how we live our lives it can also just be fun. After seeing the offerings for spring 2017, here are the biggest trends to watch for to incorporate into your own wardrobe and wear all year round: Lingerie is still a hot commodity even if you might feel a little cold wearing it. Try layering pieces like a camisole over a tee shirt or leave a slip peeking out from under your skirt. Look for feminine pastels for a light version or go full vamp and try something in black. Statement jewellery is still important through the winter and into spring 2017. Oversized necklaces and big pieces in general are really on trend. Try starting with one large piece until you feel bold enough to layer and if you want to try the one earring trend, maybe split a pair with a friend and get something really extravagant. Novelty handbags seem to hold more ground than ever before. Gone are the days when your one black bag did all the work, now it’s important to have some fun! Look for pieces that can start a conversation while holding your stuff. Casual silhouettes are also becoming more important as we move through winter and into spring. While the fabrics change seasonally, look for shapes like wide leg trousers, flouncy skirts and slouchy sweatshirts. It doesn’t need to be your old sweats but it can be just as comfortable to wear and look so much better. PHOTOGRAPHS: © 2016 CHANEL A Calgary-based, international stylist shares her tips on how to wear runway styles by leah van loon