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BODY & SPA z3 Hollywood’s 60 Second Anti-Aging Trio ToxicFree® 60 second facelift that delivers an 88% reduction in wrinkle depth instantly. The ToxicFree® z3 Trio delivers younger looking skin, instantly and cumulatively, guaranteed. As seen on the red carpet while featured at the Grammys, the Emmys and the Golden Globes. Guaranteed to work instantly and cumulatively. All 3 products produce anti-aging results due to the patented, triple-botanical, biomimetic tripeptide ingredient, which won the cosmetic industry’s gold medal award. This ingredient is used at the clinical dosage in all 3 products. Award winning ingredient: Botanical Biomimetic Tripeptide. Dutch: Gifvrije 60-seconden facelift die direct een 88 procent vermindering geeft in de diepte van rimpels. Het gifvrije z3 trio biedt gegarandeerd direct een jonger uitziende huid. Italian: ToxicFree® 60 secondi effetto lifting che offre una riduzione dell’88% in profondità delle rughe istantaneamente. Z3 The ToxicFree® Trio offre una pelle più giovane, istantaneamente e cumulativamente, garantito. Ordinate 3 prodotti. Vedere la Guida dei prezzi sul retro di questo catalogo. Norwegian: 60 sekunders ansiktsløfting som momentant gir 88% reduksjon av rynkedybden. ToxicFree® z3 Trio gir garantert yngre utseende hud øyeblikkelig og kumulativt. Spar penger ved å bestille alle tre produkter samtidig. Se prislisten på baksiden av denne katalogen. Clinical results experienced by men and women who used all three z3 products: 98% effective in immediate younger looking skin in minutes, with clinical results 96% effective in long-lasting, long-term, cumulative results 93% improved elasticity (ingredients produce 17 times more collagen and elastin) 92% improvement of firmer, fuller skin 88% improvement in reduced brown spots, puffiness and swelling 88% instant reduction in wrinkle depth 78% increase in hydration (ingredients stimulate water-holding for youthful look) 77% increase in lifting 75% immediate smoothing effect 10% decrease in jaw line profile (firmer skin along the jaw line) All subjects reported a reduction of bags, puffiness and wrinkles under and around eyes All subjects reported fewer stress lines, smile lines and wrinkles All subjects reported fewer skin imperfections after 2 weeks All subjects noted a reduction in age spots and dark circles under the eyes 26 Product pricing, points, and sizes are listed at the back of this Essanté Organics catalog. See labels online for organic ingredients.