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Healthy pH Balance Optimal pH for Humans is 7.365 Urine 6.8 The Past The Present Today, our lives are too busy for us to graze as our ancestors did. Today’s nutrient-deficient soil is drenched with toxic pesticides. We must eat 9 organic oranges, to get the nutritional equivalent of 1 orange from 60 years ago. The Importance How important is alkalizing your body (creating proper pH balance)? Plants without properly pH balanced soil will become sickly or die. Fish without properly pH balanced water will become sickly or die. The same holds true for all organic matter, even you. Be wise - alkalize. The Consumer Health Organization states proper pH is vital to living a healthy life. Studies show human disease thrives in an acidic environment, yet cannot grow in an optimal alkaline environment. The Choice Everything, from healthy cells to cancer cells, healthy soil to depleted soil, healthy marine life to sickly marine life, sparkling swimming pools to green swimming pools, is affected by pH (Potential Hydrogen), or the acidic vs. alkaline level. Poor lifestyle choices create an acidic body (acidosis) while healthy choices create an alkaline, pH balanced body. The pH scale (and pH Test Strips) will m Combine and use the following 5 proven products in this catalog to quickly restore your body’s pH level: 1.  pH Test Strips: measure and monitor your pH. 2.  Omega 3,6,9 Vital Oils: toxins need to bind to fat. 3.  Supreme pH: 12 drops alkalizes each beverage. 4.  Earth Greens: 5.5 lbs. of organic, raw, alkaline, non-heat dehydrated, chlorophyll rich, whole food vegetable nutrition per serving. 5. Calcium: Mother Nature’s antacid. Order the above alkalizing products in this Essanté Organics Catalog. EFFECTS OF ACIDOSIS Central • Aching head • Tiredness • Confusion • Loss of consciousness • Coma Muscular • Aches • Spasms • Weakness • Swelling Intestinal • Diarrhea Respiratory • Shortness of breath • Coughing Saliva & Blood 7.365 Acidic Alkaline pH TEST STRIP Top Acid Forming Foods: 1 . Sugar, high fructose corn syrup 2. Shellfish, organ meats, beef, bacon TOP ACID FORMING FOODS 3. Coffee, sodas, alcohol, energy drinks 4. Processed foods (lunch meat, white bread, etc.) 5. Products with gluten or processed soy 6. Dairy (whey), cheese 7. Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils 8. Preservatives (sodium benzoate, etc.) 9. Artificial sweeteners (aspartame, sucralose, etc.) 10. Avoid GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) Science shows diets heavy in sugar and animal protein cause over-acidification of the body. Top Alkaline Forming Foods: TOP ALKALINE FORMING FOODS Heart • Irregular heart rate • Increased heart rate Gastric • Nausea • Vomiting Joint • Swelling • Discomfort 10.0 pH  aw spinach, alfalfa grass, raw celery, R cucumbers, potato skins, onions 9.0 pH  Lemons, watermelons, sweet potatoes, beets, blackberries, eggplants, figs 8.5 pH  Cayenne (chili) pepper, cinnamon, clove, parsley, limes, mangoes, papayas, asparagus, watercress, seaweeds, kiwis, passion fruits, pears, pineapples 8.0 pH  Alfalfa sprouts, apricots, avocados, grapes, garlic, almonds, tomatoes 6.5 pH  Broccoli, garbanzo beans, cantaloupes, hearts of palm Science shows diets rich in the above foods support health and homeostasis in the body. 11 It was common for our ancient ancestors to walk over miles of terrain and eat 5.5 pounds of alkaline (pH balanced) vegetation every day. This diet created pH balanced homeostasis that sustained immunity and fought off disease.