Essanté Organics Product Catalog CatalogUSMulti_013018.pdf - Page 56

THERAPEUTIC ESSENTIAL OILS CARRIERS & DIFFUSER Jojoba Carrier Oil USDA Organic, unrefined, cold pressed, therapeutic, odorless, stainless, antioxidant rich carrier oil. Excellent for infants and the elderly. Sacred, golden Jojoba Oil does not leave a residue on the skin. It is easy to apply and does not stain sheets or clothing. Being massaged with Essanté Organics Jojoba Oil feels like having pure silk flow against your skin. Perhaps the exceptional glide and perfect feel is due to the fatty acid profile; it is almost identical to our skin’s fatty acid profile.  Thus, Jojoba Oil is effortlessly and wholly absorbed by our skin instantly. Jojoba seeds are rich in precious oil. They are harvested at the peak of the season, then meticulously pressed by our artisan pressers to create one of the most antioxidant rich massage and carrier oils in the world.   Jojoba Oil Supports: Sensitive skin, skin imbalances, blemishes, infant scalp issues, scars, and stretch marks. Dutch: Ongeraffineerde, koudgeperste, therapeutische, geurloze, vlekvrije, anti-oxidante, en rijke basisolie. Uitstekend voor kleine kinderen en ouderen. Italian: USDA Organic, non raffinato, spremuto a freddo, terapeutico, inodore, inossidabile, olio di vettore ricco di antiossidanti. Eccellente per bambini e negli anziani. Norwegian: USDA økologisk, uraffinert, kaldpresset, terapeutisk, fargeløs, flekkfri basisolje rik på antioksidanter. Utmerket for babyer og eldre. Citrus Body Butter NaPCA+ Calming pH Hydrating Mist Rejuvenate Moisturizer Use these ToxicFree® products as carriers for essential oils. See the following “HOW TO USE” sections. Dutch: Gebruik deze gifvrije producten als basis voor essentiële oliën. Italian: Utilizzare questi prodotti ToxicFree® come vettori per oli essenziali. Norwegian: Bruk disse ToxicFree® produktene som basisoljer for eteriske oljer. Se Body & Spa. 54 Product pricing, points, and sizes are listed at the back of this Essanté Organics catalog. See labels online for organic ingredients.