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THERAPEUTIC ESSENTIAL OILS SINGLES Potency Why Essanté Organics Essential Oils Work The essential oil of each plant acts as the plant’s immune system, fighting against molds, fungi, viruses, bacteria and other issues that can harm or kill the plant. Essential oils can support humans the same way. Efficacy Essanté Organics Essential Oil Selection Process Essanté Organics offers the finest oils in the world; certified USDA Organic, pesticide free, and sustainably cultivated essential oils. Following this selection process, each oil is micro tested at the cultivation level, prior to transport, upon arrival and at the post production level. For additional details see the Guarantee & Green Seals page at the front of this catalog. Bergamot Supports: sadness, infections, muscle spasms, stomach aches, stomach acid, parasites, body heat, discomfort, anxiety, odors, happiness, euphoria, muscle health, circulation, digestive health, intestinal health. Dutch: Gebruik: neerslachtigheid, infecties, spierkrampen, buikkrampen, maagzuur, parasieten, lichaamswarmte, ongemakken, opgejaagdheid, nare lucthjes, geluk, euforie, gezonde spieren, bloedsomloop, goede spijsvertering, gezonde darmen. Italian: Usato per: tristezza, infezioni, spasmi muscolari, dolori di stomaco, acidità di stomaco, parassiti, calore corporeo, disagio, ansia, odori, felicità, euforia, salute del muscolo, circolazione, salute dell’apparato digerente, salute intestinale. Norwegian: Brukes ved: Tristhet, infeksjoner, muskelspasmer, magesmerter, magesyre, parasitter, kroppshete, ubehag, angst, odører, glede, eufori, muskelhelse, sirkulasjon, god fordøyelse. Cedarwood Atlas Supports: excess clogging of arteries, swollen lymph nodes, excess fat, swelling, breathing problems, blemishes, infections, fungus, oily skin, throat discomfort, anxiety, artery health, lymphatic health, respiratory health, healthy skin and nails, urinary tract health. Dutch: Gebruik: dichtgeslibde bloedvaten, opgezwollen lymfeknopen, vetophoping, zwellingen, ademhalingsproblemen, pigmentvlekjes, infecties, schimmels, vette huid, keelklachten, opgejaagdheid, gezonde bloedvaten, een gezonde lymfestelsel, gezonde luchtwegen, gezonde huid en nagels, gezonde urinewegen. Italian: Usato per: eccesso di intasamento delle arterie, ingrossamento dei linfonodi, grasso in eccesso, gonfiore, problemi, macchie, infezioni, fungo, pelle grassa, disagio della gola, ansia, arteria salute, salute linfatico, salute respiratoria, salute della pelle e unghie, salute delle vie urinarie di respirazione. Norwegian: Brukes ved: Fortetting av arterier, hovne lymfekjertler, overflødig fett, åndebesvær, skjønnhetsflekker, infeksjoner, sopp, fet hud, svelgubehag, engstelse, arteriehelse, lymfehelse, åndedrettshelse, sunn hud og negler,urinrørshelse. Cinnamon Supports: discomfort, body aches, toothaches, swollen tissue, spasms, yeast, fungus, dry heaves, lice, scabies, circulation, digestion, immunity, respiration, sexual desire, sexual function. Dutch: Gebruik: ongemakken, lichte pijntjes, kiespijn, zwellingen, kramp, gist, schimmels, kokhalzen, luis, schurft, bloedsomloop, spijsvertering, immuunsysteem, ademhalingsstelsel, seks drive, seksueel functioneren. Italian: Usato per: disagio, dolori muscolari, mal di denti, tessuto gonfiato, spasmi, lievito, fungo, conati, pidocchi, scabbia. Usato per: circolazione, digestione, immunità, respirazione, desiderio sessuale, la funzione sessuale. Norwegian: Brukes ved: Ubehag, kroppssmerte, tannpine, hovenhet, spasmer, fråde, sopp, brekninger, lus, skabb. Brukes for: Sirkulasjon, fordøyelse, immunitetsforsvar, åndedrettet, seksualbehov,seksualfunksjon. Photo: Organic Clary Sage - Method of extraction: Steam distilled - Parts used: Leaves, flowers - Origin: Bulgaria (see each oil’s Deep Dive online) 44 Product pricing, points, and sizes are listed at the back of this Essanté Organics catalog. See labels online for organic ingredients.