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Vitamin D3 10,000 IU Nature’s immune booster. While it is critical to the overall health of the immune system, nervous system, brain, bones, muscles, joints, heart, and proper cellular production, we rarely get enough of crucial Vitamin D3 because very few foods, outside of fatty fish, naturally contain it. Sun exposure is the main source, yet overcast weather conditions inhibit proper intake of vitamin D3. Supports: healthy adolescent development, autoimmune function, motor coordination, emotional development, memory, antioxidant levels, pH balance and absorption of vital minerals including magnesium, zinc and iron. Dutch: De natuurlijke oppepper voor je immuunsysteem. Italian: Il potenziatore immunitario della natura. Norwegian: Naturens immunbooster. Power Pops® Energize, metabolize, suppress appetite and support a trimmer waistline. There is no guilt when reaching for a sweet, Power Pop® lollipop because each has the patented power to help reduce your appetite and cravings while simultaneously improving your energy and metabolism. Each pop also has the ability to help you burn fat and calories faster. Natural non-GMO herbal ingredients. 28 calories, 4 carbs, 2 grams of raw cane sugar, and colors from fruits and plants. Order assorted bags or all-one-flavor bags. See pricing guide for flavors. Dutch: Eet deze lollies voor meer energie, een betere spijsvertering en een lager hongergevoel. Italian: Mangiare caramelle energizzanti, metabolizza e riduce l’appetito. Norwegian: Energibar for energitilførsel, næringsopptak og appetitthemming. Kids Pops® Vitamins on a stick, the secretly healthy treat for kids.. Deliciously fun lollipops scientifically formulated with the full array of specific vitamins, minerals and antioxidants adolescents require. Kids Pops® deliver exactly what a child’s extra-active, fast-growing body requires while supporting healthy growth, brain development, motor coordination and immunity. Non-GMO, colors from fruit. Kid approved flavors including Bubble Gum are listed in the pricing guide. See website for supplement facts. Dutch: Vitamines op een stokje - de gezonde lollie. Italian: Stick con vitamine. Norwegian: Vitaminer på pinne, det hemmelige og sunne godteriet. Lucrative work from home careers available. See the back cover of this Essanté Organics catalog. 43