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Daily Digest Enzymes 9 plant enzymes to support everyday digestion, assimilation, nutrient absorption, elimination, detoxification, blood health, and immunity. The Problem: We lose vital digestive ezymes as we age and when we cook foods. Enzymes can be destroyed by temperatures exceeding 118 degrees, farming, processing, exercise & heredity. If our enzyme count is low it can cause poor digestion, low immunity and issues with dairy, gluten and nutrient absorption. The Solution: Gluten free Daily Digest is guaranteed to deliver the highest digestive enzyme activity, and work better than any other enzyme product. This full spectrum, dietary supplement contains every necessary active digestive enzyme (9 total) and every catalytic ionic mineral required (77 total). Quickly & Easily Breaks Down: Gluten Dairy Carbohydrates Fats Processed Foods Proteins Dutch: 9 plantaardige enzymen ter ondersteuning van de dagelijkse spijsvertering, assimilatie, opname van voedingsstoffen, eliminatie, ontgifting, bloedgezondheid en immuniteit. Italian: 9 enzimi vegetali per supportare la digestione quotidiana, l’assimilazione, l’assorbimento dei nutrienti, l’eliminazione, la disintossicazione, la salute del sangue e l’immunità. Norwegian: 9 plante enzymer for å støtte daglig fordøyelse, assimilering, næring absorpsjon, eliminering, avgiftning, blod helse og immunitet. Probiotic pHlora Our proprietary, patented processing technology makes Probiotic pHlora the ONLY probiotic formula in the world proven to cultivate, multiply, grow & colonize inside the human body after consumption. Complete Gastrointestinal support formula aggressively destroys overgrowth of bad bacteria including yeast. Contains 7 billion “good” bacteria which grow, cultivate, multiply, & colonize in the body. Supports digestive, urinary, colon, elimination, gas, bloating, yeast reduction, properly balanced bacterial flora & pH levels. Also supports immunity, cellular health & detoxification. Contains 7 healthy bacteria strains including the most expensive & aggressive: L. Salivarius, the “HERCULES” of all probiotics. Most formulas do not include this strain because it is the most difficult and expensive to produce. This strain changes the GI environment more rapidly than any other strain. Dutch: Onze eigen gepatenteerde verwerkingstechnologie maakt dat Probiotic pHlora de ENIGE probiotische formule ter wereld is waarvan bewezen is dat deze zich na consumptie in het menselijk lichaam cultiveert, vermenigvuldigt, groeit en koloniseert. Italian: pHlora Probiotico La nostra tecnologia di elaborazione brevettata e proprietaria rende Probiotic pHlora l’UNICA formula probiotica al mondo che ha dimostrato di coltivare, moltiplicarsi, crescere e colonizzare all’interno del corpo umano dopo il consumo. Norwegian: Vår proprietære, patenterte prosesseringsteknologi gjør Probiotic pHlora til den ENESTE probiotiske formelen i verden som er bevist, formere seg, vokse og kolonisere seg i kroppen etter inntak. Lucrative work from home careers available. See the back cover of this Essanté Organics catalog. 41