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Omegas 3,6,9 Vital Oils Each softgel contains certified organic (pesticide free), unrefined, cold pressed flaxseed oil. Our bodies do not manufacture these critical fats, yet according to webMD men, women and children must have this healthy fat. After oxygen and water, healthy fat is the next most crucial component to health. Fat is needed for healthy heart, kidneys, brain, immune, joint, bone, metabolic, circulatory and reproductive function as well normal development. Dutch: Ieder capsule bevat organische, niet-geraffineerde, koudgeperste lijnzaadolie zonder pesticides. Italian: Ogni softgel contiene certificato biologico (pesticidi), non raffinato, olio di semi di lino spremuto a freddo. Norwegian: Hver mykkapsel inneholder sertifisert økologisk (uten insektmiddel), uraffinert,kaldpresset linfrøolje. Supreme pH The simplest way to alkalize. Add odorless, tasteless Supreme pH to all beverages to neutralize acidity and instantly increase the pH level of your beverages and, in turn, your body. An aquarium without proper pH balance will cause the fish to become sickly or die. The same holds true for all organic matter including you. “Humans need alkaline pH levels to live a healthy life” - The Consumer Health Organization. For cells to be healthy they must be floating in a healthy pH or alkaline environment. Dutch: De eenvoudigste manier om te “ont-zuren”. Voeg geurloze, smaakloze Supreme pH toe aan al je drankjes om de zuurgraad te neutraliseren en je pH niveau te verhogen. Italian: Il modo più semplice per alcalinizzare. Aggiungere tutte le bevande per neutralizzare l’acidità e aumentare il tuo livello di pH pH supremo inodore, insapore. Norwegian: Den enkleste måten å alkalisere på. Tilfør lukt- og smakfri Supreme pH til all drikke for å nøytralisere surhetsgrad og øke ditt pH-nivå. pH Test Strips 7.365 is perfect pH for humans. What will you score? Measure and motivate. If you are using or selling pH products, you should test your and your customer’s pH levels. You will be shocked to discover most people are highly acidic. Once this discovery is made, the acidic person will want a quick and proven solution; the products in this catalog are the solution. It is scientifically proven that disease has a more difficult time surviving in an alkaline environment yet thrives in an acidic environment. These test strips measure the alkalinity of saliva or urine instantly. Dutch: 7,365 is de perfecte pH waarde voor mensen. Wat is jouw score? Meten is weten! Italian: 7.365 è perfetto pH per gli esseri umani. Norwegian: 7,365 er perfekt pH-verdi for mennesker. Hva ønsker du? Mål og motiver. Lucrative work from home careers available. See the back cover of this Essanté Organics catalog. 39