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pH NUTRITION Earth Greens Powder | Earth Greens Capsules 5.5 lbs. of alkaline vegetable nutrition per serving for cleansing, digestion, immune, and organ support. Imagine eating a grocery bag of greens, daily, in the time it takes to drink a glass of water! Have you had your 9 servings of vegetables today? Only 5% of us have...UNTIL NOW! Enjoy the health benefits of 5.5 POUNDS of live, raw, green, no-heat dehydrated, alkaline, whole food, nutrient and enzyme dense vegetation in every serving of Essanté Earth Greens. Dutch: Plantaardig en ontzurend voedingssupplement voor het schoonmaken, verteren van voedsel, het immuunsysteem en ondersteuning van je organen. Italian: 5,5 libbre di nutrizione vegetale alcalina per porzion Super Reds Powder 5.5 pounds of alkaline superfruit nutrition per serving to support energy, immunity, and circulation. 12 of earth’s most delicious, no-heat dehydrated, nutrient rich super fruits including acai, goji, noni, mangosteen, pomegranate, and grape seed which deliver the highest antioxidant levels and ORAC nutritional values possible. Supports energy, immune function, telomere DNA health, blood sugar, cardiovascular health, cleansing and metabolism. Counteracts stress and yeast buildup. Highly bioavailable (absorbable) powder. Dutch: Op supervruchten gebaseerd ontzurend voedingssupplement voor de ondersteuning van je energie, je immuunsysteem en je bloedsomloop. Italian: 5,5 chili di nutrizione superfruit alcalina per dose, per sostenere l’energia , l’immunità e la circolazione. Norwegian: 2,5 kg alkalinsk superfrukternæring per porsjon for å støtte energinivå, immunforsvar og sirkulasjon. 38 Product pricing, points, and sizes are listed at the back of this Essanté Organics catalog. See labels online for organic ingredients.