Essanté Organics Product Catalog CatalogUSMulti_013018.pdf - Page 38

BABY CARE Baby Shampoo & Body Foam ToxicFree® Baby Shampoo and Body Foam keeps them safe from harm. No tears and more bath time fun, guaranteed! Gentle, soft, foaming suds quickly and easily cleanse baby’s hair and skin. Mother Nature agrees, this is the safest, healthiest, most gentle shampoo and body wash for babies. Directions - apply a puff of foam: To wet hair and skin, then rinse. To dry hair and skin, then remove with a warm damp cloth. To bath water, to create suds that are healthy enough to eat. To baby’s dry skin after each diaper change, then remove with a cloth sprayed with Sanitizer. Dutch: Gifvrije babyshampoo en badgel. Gegarandeerd geen tranen meer en badderen wordt weer leuk! Het zachte schuim maakt haar en huid van je baby snel en eenvoudig schoon. Dit is de veiligste, gezondste, en zachtste shampoo en badgel voor je baby. Italian: ToxicFree® Baby Shampoo e bagno schiuma non tossico. No lacrime, il divertimento è garantito! Dolce, morbido, schiuma e facile per pulire capelli e la pelle del bambino. Madre natura è d’accordo, questo è il più sicuro, più sano, più delicato shampoo e body wash per neonati. Norwegian: ToxicFree® Baby shampoo og kroppsvask er helt ufarlig for babyer. Ingen tårer og garantert mer bademoro! Skånsomt og mykt såpeskum rengjør babyens hår og hud hurtig og enkelt. Moder Natur er enig, dette er den enkleste, sunneste og mest skånsomme shampoo/ kroppsvasken for babyer. Baby Lotion ToxicFree® Baby Lotion keeps them safe from harm. This is an exceptionally mild, soothing, freshly scented, pH balanced, botanical lotion for newborns, infants and toddlers. Parents please avoid products containing neurotoxins and carcinogens. Companies can legally use cheap toxic fillers, even if it harms the consumer. No one regulates this. It is up to you. Your children are counting on you. Essanté Organics Baby Lotion nourishes, hydrates, pH balances and restores all skin types. This soothing lotion helps eliminate common skin and scalp conditions associated with little ones. It is safe for the face and entire body. Gentle, mild, light, protective and hypo-allergenic. Dutch: Gifvrije babylotion. Dit is een bijzonder zachte, verzorgende, fris geurende, pH neutrale, en plantaardige lotion voor babies, peuters en kleuters. Italian: ToxicFree® Baby Lotion li mantiene al sicuro da ogni male. Si tratta di un pH eccezionalmente mite, rilassante, fresco profumato, equilibrato, botanica lozione per neonati e bambini. Norwegian: ToxicFree® babykrem er helt ufarlig for babyer. Dette er en eksepsjonelt mild, lindrende, friskt duftende, pH-balansert og botanikalsk krem for nyfødte, babyer og småbarn. 36 Product pricing, points, and sizes are listed at the back of this Essanté Organics catalog. See labels online for organic ingredients.