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Sanitizer Home & Body Disinfectant ToxicFree® Sanitizer uses pure stabilized oxygen as its 100% safe, effective, powerful active ingredient. Order this one product and replace every toxic wound cleanser and cleaning agent you own. From home to office to play areas, Sanitizer helps reduce the bacteria, viruses, fungi, germs, and pathogens listed on the Sanitizer Efficacy Sheet, along with kill rates (found online). Safe for the body: Safe for newborns to elderly, pregnant and nursing mothers, skin, ears, hands, feet and underarms. Supports and disinfects cuts, scrapes, and skin conditions including: skin tags, blisters, bites, warts, blemishes, rashes, itchiness, and nail conditions. Safe for every surface: Cleans and purifies fruits and vegetables, food prep areas, counter tops, glass (leaves a streak free shine), tile, granite, metal, plastic, appliances, highchairs, baby toys, changing tables, play sets, pet areas, gym equipment, office keyboards, phones, school surfaces, furniture, kitchen surfaces, bathroom surfaces, floors, most fabric and most wood (test a small inconspicuous area of each first). Dutch: Onze gifvrije Sanitizer gebruikt pure gestabiliseerde zuurstof als veilig, effectief en krachtig ingrediënt. Dit product vervangt alle giftige wondverzorgers en schoonmaakmiddelen die je nu gebruikt. Kantoor, huis, speelplekjes: met de Sanitizer verminder je bacterieën, virussen, schimmels, ziektekiemen en pathogenen. Online vind je een lijst (Sanitizer Efficay Sheet) met daarin hoe sterk de Sanitizer deze zaken aanpakt. Italian: ToxicFree® disinfettante con ossigeno puro stabilizzato, sicuro, efficace e potente. Dalla casa all’ufficio per aree gioco, disinfettante aiuta a ridurre i batteri, virus, funghi, germi e agenti patogeni elencati. Norwegian: ToxicFree® Sanitizer inneholder rent og stabilisert oksygen som sin 100% sikre, effektiv eog kraftfulle ingrediens. Bestill dette ene produktet og erstatt det med alle sårrensings- og rengjøringsmidler du har. Så vel hjemme som på jobb og i lekeområder bidrar Sanitizer til å redusere bakterier, virus, sopp, basiller og patogener som er oppført på Sanitizer Efficacy Sheet (effektivitetsoversikt) (finnes på nett). Hand Candy ToxicFree® Hand Candy Hand Soap delivers a rich anti-aging and aromatherapy treat every time you wash your hands. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and hydrating botanicals. No carcinogens, no hormone disruptors, no neurotoxins, no cheap toxic fillers, no parabens, no foaming sodium laurel / laureth sulfates (SLS or SLES), no DEA, no PEGs, no GMOs. Made with organic white tea leaf extract, organic bergamot essential oil, organic lemon essential oil and organic mango essential oil. See label on website for organic ingredients and view the health benefits of each. Dutch: Gifvrije handzeep die, telkens wanneer je je handen wast, anti-aging en aromatherapie biedt. Hydraterend en vol plantaardige vitamines, mineralen, aminozuren, en anti-oxidanten. Italian: ToxicFree® Candy sapone per mani, offre un ricco trattamento anti-invecchiamento e aromaterapia ogni volta che ti lavi le mani. Con vitamine, minerali, aminoacidi, antiossidanti e idratanti vegetali. Norwegian: ToxicFree® Hand Candy håndsåpe gir en rik anti-aldrende og aromaterapeutisk behandling hver gang du vasker hendene dine. Fylt med vitaminer, mineraler, aminosyrer, antioksidanter og fuktende botanikaler. This new label is coming soon. Lucrative work from home careers available. See the back cover of this Essanté Organics catalog. 33