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Bamboo Liquid Luffa Exfoliator ToxicFree® exfoliation scrub to gently clear, deep clean, exfoliate, and reduce pore size for younger looking, sensually smooth, radiantly glowing skin. ToxicFree® Bamboo Liquid Luffa, with microfine bamboo stalk and walnut husk, gently and deeply exfoliates and removes dead skin. Ideal for face and body. Use daily for ultra-soft, perfectly smooth, radiantly glowing skin all year round. Dutch: Gifvrije scrub om porën schoon te maken, diep te reinigen en huidschilfers te verwijderen. Voor een jonger uitziende, zachte en stralende huid. Italian: ToxicFree® esfoliante delicato che consente una pulizia profonda della pelle e una riduzione della dimensione dei pori conferendo all’incaricato un aspetto più giovane, liscio e luminoso. Norwegian: ToxicFree® flasskrubb for mild dyprensing, fjerning av hudrester og reduksjon av porestørrelsen for en ungt utseende, sensuelt myk og glødende hud. BAMBOO FUN FACTS Bamboo is the most renewable plant in the world. It holds the world record as the fastest growing plant on the planet. It grows up to 3 feet every 24 hours, that’s 36 inches a day and 1.5 inches per hour. You can literally watch it grow! Bamboo plants reach maturity quickly, in only 3 to 5 years. Bamboo releases 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere compared to other plants. Bamboo Liquid Luffa is healthy for you & the ecosystem Bamboo absorbs more carbon dioxide than any other plant. Bamboo is stronger than steel, it’s more difficult to smash than concrete! For this reason, it’s an ideal exfoliant ingredient; it’s strong yet gentle. Bamboo helped Thomas Edison. Edison and his team discovered and used carbonized bamboo filaments in the creation of the light bulb. These filaments lasted 1,200 hours. Plastic micro-bead scrubs harm you & the ecosystem 29