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BODY & SPA Sparkle Toothpaste Tube | Packets USDA Certified Biobased® and ToxicFree® toothpaste with organic peppermint and healthy stabilized oxygen for a whiter, brighter smile, healthy teeth & gums, and long lasting fresh breath. No titanium dioxide, no fluoride, no silica, no sodium laurel sulfate and no other harmful chemicals. Like all Essanté Organics products, ToxicFree® Sparkle Toothpaste Polish has thousands of testimonials and is guaranteed to be the best product you have ever experienced. Thousands have experienced visibly whiter and brighter teeth, fresher breath, stronger teeth, healthier gums and excellent dental checkups. Enjoy the clinical studies posted on the website demonstrating Sparkle’s A+ sensitivity rating. It outshines major brands and is the best toothpaste for those with or without sensitivity issues. Dutch: Gifvrije tandpasta met organische pepermunt en gezonde gestabiliseerde zuurstof voor een wittere en heldere glimlach, gezonde tanden en tandvlees, geen fluoride, geen silica, geen sodiumlaurelsulfaat of andere schadelijke chemicaliën. Italian: ToxicFree® dentifricio con menta piperita biologica e sana con ossigeno stabilizzato per un sorriso più bianco, più luminoso, denti sani e una lunga durata d’alito fresco e gengive. Senza biossido di titanio, senza fluoro, senza silice, senza solfato di sodio laurel e nessun altri prodotti chimici nocivi. Norwegian: ToxicFree® tannkrem med økologisk peppermynte og sunt stabiliserende oksygen for et hvitere og lysere smil, sunne tenner og tannkjøtt, samt lengevarende frisk pust. Uten titaniumdioksid, fluor, silisium, natriumsulfat eller andre skadelige kjemiske stoffer. Pass a sample and ask, “Do you brush your teeth?” Samples have space for your contact information. 28 28 Product pricing, points, and sizes are listed at the back of this Essanté Organics catalog. See labels online for organic ingredients.