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Citrus Body Butter Lotion ToxicFree®, thick, nutrient rich, deeply moisturizing lotion to eliminate and prevent dry, cracked skin while delivering a renewed healthy glow. ToxicFree® Citrus Body Butter deeply moisturizes the driest, cracked skin. Its intensive moisturizing botanicals penetrate the skin and last all day. Thick, rich Citrus Body Butter clinically delivers softer, smoother, younger looking skin with regular use. Ideal for the entire body, especially hands, heels and elbows. Apply over rough, dry or cracked skin after each shower or bath. A little goes a long way. Creamy Citrus Body Butter is loaded with pure amino acids, vitamins, minerals and peptides to deliver superior nutritional support for renewed, healthy, glowing skin. Dutch: Gifvrije, dikke, voedzame, diep vochtinbrengende lotion die droge en gebarsten huid weghaalt en voorkomt en tegelijkertijd een nieuwe gezonde glans geeft. Italian: ToxicFree®, lozione con sostanza nutriente e ricca, profondamente idratante per eliminare e prevenire la secchezza della pelle, offre un colorito sano rinnovato. Norwegian: ToxicFree® tykk og næringsrik dyptfuktende krem som fjerner og forhindrer tørr og sprukket hud, og gir en fornyet og sunn glød. pHresh Deodorant Stick Coconut Lime USDA Organic deodorant stick with a fresh scent, made for men and women and guaranteed to never let you down. Avoid the bad with unisex pHresh Deodorant stick! No harmful ingredients: no aluminum, no glycols, no parabens, no phthalates, and no triclosan. Certified Organic pH balanced pHresh Deodorant protects and lasts all day long. Ingredients: organic coconut carrier oil, organic copernicia cerifera, organic arrowroot, organic shea butter, baking soda, organic coconut essential oil, organic lime essential oil. Dutch: Organische deodorant stick met een frisse geur, voor mannen en vrouwen die je nooit in de steek laat. Italian: USDA Organic deodorante stick con un profumo fresco, fatto per uomini e donne. Norwegian: USDA økologisk deodorantstift med frisk duft, laget for både menn og kvinner og garantert å aldri skuffe deg. Lucrative work from home careers available. See the back cover of this Essanté Organics catalog. 25