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Vitamin C Facial Cleanser ToxicFree® gentle anti-aging facial cleanser removes makeup and pollutants while leaving skin soft, pH balanced, and luminous. ToxicFree® Vitamin C Facial Cleanser is a rich, creamy, pearlized cleanser that gently removes all pollutants, make-up and dirt. It leaves skin luminous, soft, refreshed, pH balanced and healthy. It assists in accelerating the body’s rejuvenation process by maintaining a healthy acid / alkaline balance. Remove toxins, soothe irritation and facilitate healthy new tissue growth every time you cleanse. The natural electrolytic ingredients restore, regenerate and balance your skin’s cells. It is healthy for all skin types and assists in removing bacteria that cause blemishes and skin conditions. It is so gentle it will not hurt your eyes. Dutch: Gifvrije zachte anti-aging gezichtsreiniger verwijdert makeup en vertontreinigende stoffen terwijl de huid zacht blijft. pH neutraal en stralend. Italian: ToxicFree® anti-invecchiamento del viso detergente che rimuove trucco e inquinanti, lasciando la pelle morbida, pH equilibrato e luminoso. Norwegian: ToxicFree® mild ansiktsrensekrem mot aldring fjerner make-up og urenheter samtidig som huden forblir myk, pH-balansert og glødende. NaPCA+ Calming pH Hydrating Toner Mist for Skin and Hair ToxicFree® pH balancing tonic spray to tone, hydrate and add a healthy glow to skin and hair. Calming neroli essential oil significantly supports stress reduction in humans and pets too. ToxicFree® NaPCA+ Mist allows you to experience instant glowing, pH balanced, toned, hydrated skin and hair. Enjoy anti-aging benefits while invigorating your skin and hair with ultra hydrating moisture magnets and antioxidants. This product literally attracts moisture from the air into your skin and hair. It delivers an instant calming effect, successfully minimizing anxiety and stress. Important to use throughout the day to enliven, tone and moisturize your skin and hair, as they are exposed to heat, sun, drying winds, heaters/air conditioning, chlorine treated water, blow-dryers, irons, etc. Shown to significantly hydrate and reduce anxiety in pets too. Dutch: Gifvrije ph neutrale tonicspray om huid en haar te hydrateren en er eem gezonde glans aan te geven. De rustgevende nerolie essentiële olie biedt een hoge reductie in stress bij mens en huisdier. Italian: PH ToxicFree® spray tonico per tonificare, idratare e aggiungere un colorito sano alla pelle e capelli. Norwegian: ToxicFree® pH-balanserende spray som toner og gir fuktighet til håret, samt en sunn glød til hud og hår. Beroligende neroli eterisk olje gir dessuten betydelig reduksjon av stress hos mennesker og kjæledyr. Lucrative work from home careers available. See the back cover of this Essanté Organics catalog. 23