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Restore Leave In Hair Correction Serum ToxicFree® leave-in serum for wet and/or dry hair to detangle, hydrate, correct split ends, remove frizz, protect from hot-iron damage, smooth and add shine. Leave-in nutrition and correcting serum you do not wash out. With meadowfoam oil for superior hydration, shine and UV protection. With Raspberry extract, rich in B vitamins, biotin and folic acid, to support hair growth, reduce hair loss and add silky shine. Enjoy instantly visible, touchable, glossy, smooth hair. Apply before heat drying and ironing to protect hair. Apply again to dry hair to smooth and add shine. Dutch: Gifvrij serum voor nat en droog haar om het haar te ontklitten, te hydarteren, gespleten puntjes te corrigeren, ter bescherming van schade door krultangen en om een glans toe te voegen. Italian: ToxicFree® per capelli bagnati o asciutti, districante, idratante, corregge doppie punte, rimuove l’effetto crespo, protegge dai danni ossidanti , liscio e aggiunge lucentezza. Norwegian: ToxicFree® leave-in serum for vått og/eller tørt hår for å løse opp floker, tilføre fuktighet, reparere flisete ender, fjerne krus, beskytte mot skade fra krølltang, glatte ut og tilføre glans. Captivate Hair Gel ToxicFree®, non-greasy, moldable, shaping hair gel with healthy clinical results. Say goodbye to bad hair days as non-greasy, non-sticky Captivate Hair Gel binds to your hair, allowing you to mold and shape your style organically. Perfect for men and women who want great looking, captivating hair all day long. See the healthy clinical results online. Dampen your hair the next day to remold and reshape your hair. Dutch: Gifvrije, niet vette vormende haargel met gezonde klinische resultaten. Italian: ToxicFree®, non unge, modella, shaping gel per capelli con risultati clinici sani. Norwegian: ToxicFree® hårgele som er uten fett og som er formende med sunne og kliniske resultater. Selfie Style Hairspray Medium Hold USDA Organic hairspray with a fresh orange scent delivers high performance and all day hold. Most hairsprays contain dangerous chemicals and propellants that are hazardous to people and the planet. USDA Organic Selfie Style Medium Hold Hairspray contains organic orange peel to support hair growth, shine, conditioning, and scalp issues. Contains organic molasses extract, organic chamomile flower extract, and organic hibiscus extract. The environmentally friendly pump takes the place of toxic aerosol propellants which destroy the ozone layer and can cause permanent lung damage. Dutch: Organische haarlak met de frisse geur van sinaasappel zorgt voor resultaat dat de hele dag aanhoudt. Italian: USDA Organic lacca con un fresco profumo di arancia offre prestazioni elevate per tutto il giorno. Norwegian: USDA økologisk hårspray med frisk appelsinduft har høy ytelse og er holdbar hele dagen. Lucrative work from home careers available. See the back cover of this Essanté Organics catalog. 21