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BODY & SPA MangoBerry Shampoo With organic lupine seed and marine kelp to help repair, strengthen, retain color and add volume to hair. 72% noticed less hair loss while using MangoBerry Shampoo and NourishMint Conditioner. Everyday abuse including coloring, perming, ironing, drying, using chlorine-treated water and toxic products can cause severe damage. Each blocks hair follicles and can cause hair thinning and loss, dryness, breakage, scalp disorders and loss of hair color. MangoBerry Shampoo unblocks clogged hair follicles, deeply moisturizes hair, and can free the scalp of bacteria and fungi. Repair, strengthen, retain color and add volume with the nutrient dense botanical ingredients in MangoBerry Shampoo. The delicious scent lasts for days. Dutch: Met organisch lupinezaad en zeewier (kelp) om het haar te ondersteunen, te versterken, en kleur en volume vast te houden. Italian: Con semi di lupini organici e alghe marine per aiutare a riparare, rinforzare, mantenere il colore e aggiungere volume ai capelli. 72% in meno di perdita di capelli durante l’utilizzo di MongoBerry Shampoo e balsamo di NourishMint. Norwegian: Med økologiske lupinfrø og marin tare for å reparere, styrke, bevare farge og gi fylde til hår. 72% merket mindre hårtap ved bruk av MongoBerry Shampoo og NourishMint Conditioner. NourishMint Hair Conditioner Condition with organic peppermint oil, aloe vera and white tea to help repair, prevent damage, smooth, soften and add silky shine to hair. You can feel invigorating, refreshing NourishMint Hair Conditioning Rinse working as it pH balances, moisturizes, nourishes and helps repair your hair, scalp, skin and follicles. It is a wonderfully rich treatment packed with essential oils and other botanicals to help reduce white flakes and scalp issues. The high performance conditioning action helps normalize scalp function and strengthen hair shafts. Active botanical ingredients penetrate and help reestablish proper cellular balance while rejuvenating damaged hair and restoring thickness. Organic peppermint oil is known for stimulating hair growth and the delicious minty scent lasts for days. Dutch: Conditioner met organische pepermuntolie, aloë vera en witte thee om het haar te repareren, schade te voorkomen, het soepel en zacht te makern en een zijdeglans te geven. Italian: Con olio di menta piperita biologico, aloe vera e tè bianco per aiutare a riparare e prevenire i danni, liscio, morbidezza e lucentezza ai capelli. Norwegian: Balsam med økologisk peppermynteolje, aloe vera og hvit te for å reparere, forhindre skade, glatte ut, mykne og tilføre silkeaktig glans til hår. 20 Product pricing, points, and sizes are listed at the back of this Essanté Organics catalog. See labels online for organic ingredients.