Essanté Organics Product Catalog CatalogUSMulti_013018.pdf - Page 12

8 Promises & Mission 1) We stand behind every product with our 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and our Guarantee & Green Seals and deliver products that outperform all other brands. 2) We formulate & deliver the finest, healthiest, certified organic and ToxicFree® products that deliver life-enhancing results, with zero animal testing in BPA free packaging. 3) We listen to and supply our customer’s needs. If you have a positive, proven recommendation email it to 4) We operate in integrity & provide a platform where everyone can easily order products and/or operate a global e-commerce, home-based business they can trust and are proud of. 5) We offer a free, proven, award-winning Back Office training system to our Brand Partners, ensuring business success regardless of skill set. 6) We offer superior customer support with a response time of 48 hours or less and an A+ BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating. 7) We pay the highest referral fees and commissions in the industry and are home of The 100% Matching Bonus (a 100% commission match on the Endless Team Bonus production of every personal enrollment). No sales quotas and no flushing of unpaid sales volume. 8) We provide our Customers and Brand Partners with a lasting home where everyone can purchase products without: GMO’s, growth hormones or harmful toxins including pesticides. For those interested in living life toxic free and financially free: we provide a home-based business where you can always count on the lifelong, limitless, residual income you build here, where your unpaid volume is never flushed and your income is never limited. You may place your business and income into a trust, will it to loved ones, or sell it at any time, after you’ve built it to the level you desire. Essante Organics pays you top dollar to help the world become toxic free, one household at a time. THE ESSANTÉ ORGANICS GLOBAL MISSION: To eliminate toxins from everyone’s life, one household at a time, by producing safe, organic and ToxicFree® products that improve lives and enable personal prosperity. See labels for organic ingredients. 10 Product pricing, points, and sizes are listed at the back of this Essanté Organics catalog. See labels online for organic ingredients.