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The Video Tour You can live ToxicFree® and / or financially free. Take the video tour on your Essanté Executive’s website. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. 1. The Toxic Before Birth Video View the “10 Americans” by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). Babies are toxic before birth. Witness the validated and frightening facts. Most fetuses have over 200 toxic chemicals in their blood, before birth, including carcinogens, neurotoxins and hormone disruptors. These toxins come directly from the cheap product ingredient fillers used by the carrying mother and former generations. 2. The Toxic Truth Video View “The Toxic Truth” by Essanté Organics. This exposé reveals the shocking truth: the products you trust typically contain deadly ingredients. Companies are not regulated by the FDA and thus use over 10,000 cheap, harmful, toxic filler ingredients in their products. These ingredients are proven to cause birth defects, serious diseases and even death. Why? To create a greater profit margin for their company. Discover The Toxic Truth. 3. The Go Green Get Paid Video View This fast, engaging 12 minute video is the #1 tool people share with others because it talks about the toxic problem and the Essanté Organics solution. Become a conscious consumer and order healthy products, or work from home and enjoy a career with Essanté Organics. Help them with their mission: to help the world go green, one household at a time. There’s no obligation to refer to Essanté Organics, yet they’ll pay you the highest commissions in the industry as you do. Lucrative work from home careers available. See the back cover of this Essanté Organics catalog. 9