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TISFAC SA O TI Guarantee & Green Seals 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee If you are not completely thrilled with your ToxicFree® product, email us within 30 days from purchase at and request an RMA# (Return Merchandise Authorization #). We’ll make it right or refund you. Return shipping fees and a 15% processing fee apply. The one-time $29.95 website is not refundable. Leaves Green Footprint® Essanté Organics is eco-friendly. We use responsible pesticide free farming practices and every ingredient is 100% free from harmful toxins. Most of our corporate systems are paperless, we recycle, and we limit landfill mass. Our plastic containers are BPA FREE.  Our packing peanuts are vegetable based and 100% biodegradable. Kids love to watch them disappear in a sink full of water! Contains Certified Organic Ingredients We are one of the few companies who proudly displays every product label online. Each certified organic ingredient is noted with the word “organic”, or if space is limited an asterisk (*). Ingredients not noted as organic are wildcrafted, toxic free, pesticide free and non- GMO. Our labels are on file with each certifier listed on the back of each label. ? s CRAFT LD ? i nc e 200 9 Wildcrafted Wildcrafting is the sustainable practice of respectfully harvesting uncultivated and natural  resources from their indigenous, pesticide free habitat for medicinal purposes. Only the wild untouched fruits, flowers, branches, honey, etc. are harvested, leaving plants and hives in tact. See more online. No GMOs GMO is the abbreviation for Genetically Modified Organism. We believe you shouldn’t mess with Mother Nature so we do not permit GMOs of any kind in our products. There are no long term studies to indicate the safety or efficacy of GMOs.  Greenpeace Essanté Organics proudly sources our organic palm oil from Agropalma® in Brazil, because it is the only palm oil to hold the Greenpeace® Award for commitment to preserving forestation and protecting animal species including the Sumatran tiger and orangutan. See more online. Cruelty Free CRUELTY FREE 8 We do not test on animals. In addition, our farming, sourcing and selection methods ensure all plant and animal habitats remain undisturbed. We ensure what we borrow from the earth is replenished so the animals, with whom we share our planet, can enjoy a healthy environment.