ESCAPE- OLOGY Magazine Issue 1 - Page 39

Even though it’s not a very pretty backpack (to my taste, at least) and it lacks a few pockets, it’s not expensive, it’s lightweight, it’s a great size to never be too heavy to carry, it can be a carry-on or a check-in, it’s really well-built and comfortable. The day-pack is the perfect size to carry a laptop, a water bottle, and all the essentials. It has two logos, one beneath the other, which is a bit weird, but it’s easily ignorable. It was a really good choice, and if you have the chance, try it on before buying anything else.

Thais Saito

Storksak Cabin Carry-on

I hadn’t really thought much about luggage as a priority until I was given the Storksak cabin carry-on bag to try out. I actually loved it so much that it inspired me to write this blog and reach out and find out what my other travellers were using.

First off this bag is super stylish and made of the highest quality. It has a wipe clean and water resistant outer fabric and inner lining because we all know that yes shampoo bursting inside your bag is the most annoying thing.

It is the little details that stood out to me the most about this bag and it was obviously designed with the frequent traveller in mind. The stitching stands out as being of the highest quality. There are webbing handles with a leather trim and plastic piping to protect the corners of the bag. The leather details, including a detachable tag, give it that extra chic style that I mentioned.The most impressive thing is when you open the bag and see the new approach to travel that Storksak are trying to achieve. They are thinking about you the traveller and have included a seriously handy fold away hanging organiser that comes inside the bag. You simply remove the hanging organiser and hang in on a rail in your hotel wardrobe using the velcro tubular loop or attach it to a hook. The shelves are removable for versatile packing options and it means NO MORE UNPACKING!!! You can leave your clothes folded.

There is also a small packing block provided with mesh top for breathability and these are perfect for small items. You would be amazed how many rolled up T-shirts that you can fit in there. And I totally agree with Sherrie on packing cubes changing your life.

Nicola Lavin, all about RosaLilla