ESCAPE- OLOGY Magazine Issue 1 - Page 31

2. Caffè Marocchino

If you’re looking for a substitute for your Mocha, say hello to your new best friend—Caffè Marocchino. It’s a small drink made of 3 simple ingredients: a shot of espresso, frothed milk and cocoa powder. The cocoa powder sits at the bottom of the beverage and when mixed with the espresso turns it into a delicious chocolatey shot of goodness. Fun fact, Marocchino literally translates to little Moroccan in Italian and it gets its origins from the color of Moroccan leather Italians use to make hats, marroncino. A perfect Caffè Marocchino needs to be identical to the color of the Moroccan leather. This beverage was actually created in my hometown region of Piemonte in Northern Italy. It’s an intense coffee flavor with a hint of creamy chocolate. What’s really important is the presentation of the Marocchino beverage. Unlike other drinks it will always be presented to you in a clear shot glass so you can see the 3 different layers of the beverage. When you get your beverage you need to mix it before drinking so don’t forget to do that! The Barista will not do it for you.

3. Caffè Shakerato

One of my favorite refreshing go-to summer beverages, aside from a shot of espresso with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it, is the Caffè Shakerato, which literally translates to shaken coffee. The Barista literally makes an espresso and shakes it with some sugar and ice to sweeten the deal and serves it to you cold. To give this drink it’s fizzy top layer, liquid sugar is used. When the sugar reacts with the ice it creates a creamy, foamy later that floats at the top of the drink. Cold, refreshing and a bitter sweet (literally) change up from your every day espresso.

So there you have it. My top 3 must-try local espressos or coffee drinks in Italy that Starbucks does not know about yet. If you want a real Italian experience, hop into the nearest bar next to you in Italy and order one of these coffee drinks. The barista will give you a surprised look as you order your coffee like an Italian-pro.

Cappuccino, Caffè latte, Caffè con Panna, Caffè Macchiato…these are just some of the most basic beverages Starbucks has on it’s menu. But what about the REAL Italian coffee drinks that are consumed throughout “bars” in Italy? Here we unveil 3 must-try local coffees you must try when in Italy.