ESCAPE- OLOGY Magazine Issue 1 - Page 25

What were the requests and inspirations for the party of this work / project?

The young residents, she blogger engaged in healthy life issues and he financial market investor, like to cook together and receive friends. The integration of the spaces was the party of this project, joining the social area to the kitchen of this apartment of the 70's, located in the heart of the Jardins in São Paulo. The walls were demolished, leaving the ambiences wide and taking advantage of the contrast of the B & W with the wood in the floor, creating a despoiled, contemporary and sophisticated climate.

Describe the interior design solutions you have made:

Residents, who have had another property designed by the architect, are open to innovation, value design and enjoy the B & W contrast. To harmonize social ambient, the ceiling with special paint on concrete and apparent light fixture were installed on trails to give a stripped air. The highlight of the lighting is the set of lamps Aim da Flos, on the dining table of the Micasa Corset, which values ​​the environment.

The integrated kitchen has the marble countertop and Calacata, harmonizing with the P & B of the cabinets, frames and counterpoint with the stainless steel appliances.

The double bedroom is the result of the two-bedroom joining, which provides the amplitude and integration. Behind this can be seen the large bookcase that exposes objects and design pieces chosen by the residents. Underneath the Halston side tables with imperial brown marble, also of Artefacto, is the German lamp from FAS Classicon Lantern Light. Already the highlight for reading corner is the armchair Repo & Ottoman of Vitra by Antonio Citterio.

Describe the project differentials with respect to the evaluation criteria: innovation; aesthetics; comfort; choice of materials and coatings; lighting.

The integration of the environments was done through the floor and ceiling. The special concrete paint was used throughout the liner, just like the wooden floor: both give the unit throughout the apartment. The stripped ceiling contrasts with the wooden floor, which gives comfort and warms the environments. The lighting design is based on the black rails and in the kitchen, with the LED profile embedded in the lining. Highlights, with scenographic effect, is due to the Aim of Flos pendants, floor lamp Alizz F. Cooper, both from FAS and LED rip in the kitchen joinery. The white walls receive and value works of art, as in the composition in the hall and in the dining room, where the red picture by Niura Bellavinha is the highlight. Already in the furniture was used a mixture of textures and a palette of warm colors, such as beige, raw and caramel, to give warmth to the environment.

Vanessa Loiola