ESCAPE- OLOGY Magazine Issue 1 - Page 19

Go for a Spa day at Hôtel Le Refuge des Aiglons 

This was a bit of a one-off luxury whilst on season (or two-off, in my case) but it’s seriously special as the heated outdoor pool is set with 360º stunning views of the mountains.  I managed to get a great deal with a couple of hours in the spa and a delicious lunch to finish. At the time of writing this post, I can’t find the same deal but you can check the price and they’re not bad for what you get and you could book lunch separately afterwards.

Zip down the luge

Near one of the nursery slopes in town is an amusement park and luge track. You can get two people on and whizz down the mountain with views over the town. It’s great fun and the best bit is it’s included in your Chamonix Unlimited pass!  It’s a great ski alternative to give you a short adrenaline rush and nice to see the mountains from a different perspective.

Indulge in a crêpe or two at La Ferme

Okay, so first this one started off as a little one-off afternoon treat but then ended up being a regular occurrence. The crêpes here are insane – and I wasn’t even a crêpe fan before heading here! My usual option was a crêpe with caramel sauce and ice-cream or squirty cream (or both hehe). SO GOOD! And if you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, then they do galettes which are savoury crêpes. Fantastic food, value and views!

Try yourself at your rivalry downhill sport

There’s always an ongoing debate between the skiers and snowboarders among us…right? But whilst you’re on a season, why not give your rival sport a go!? There’s always the issue of making the most of your time on the slopes whilst on a holiday, so a season is the perfect opportunity to try it out. I’m a skier so rented out a snowboard for the day (discounted as our next door neighbour worked in a ski shop – thanks neighby!) and headed to the nursery slopes for a boarding sesh. I’m really glad I tried it – no regrets, although it’s safe to say, I’ll happily stick to skiing thanks.

Sip on a Pear and Lavender smoothie in the sun

This may sound like an odd combination but boy is it a goodun. I came upon this by mistake when I went to lunch with the girls, I spotted this on the menu at Green Soft Bar and after that there was no going back. When the sun came out, I’d often grab a Pear and Lavender smoothie here and soak up some vitamin D.

Walk along the river to Les Praz

 Another sunny day must do. Walk along the river path from town through to Les Praz – it’s a beautiful walk and at the end, you can grab a drink at a pub there.