Erotic Spread Magazine 7 - Page 4

Interview so seduktiv angel Age: 34 Height: 5’2 Weight: 113lbs Soical Media Contact Info: Facebook: TheRealSoSeduktivAngel/ Instagram: @SoSeduktivAngel Twitter: @SoSeduktivAngel Q01. How long have you been Modeling? A01. I’ve been modeling for several years now Q02. How old were you when you started modeling? A02. I was in my early to mid 20s Q03. What is your inspiration’s for modeling? A03. I’m inspired by people like Iman and Tyra Banks Q04. Where are you looking for your career to go? A04. I’m expecting to take my career as far as the good Lord will allow me to take it Q05. Are you looking for that special someone to be in a relationship with? A05. I’m not longer looking...That special someone has already come along Q06. Do you work for a modeling agency or do you have management? A06. Yes I do have management Q07. What are some of your turn ons when it comes to your partner? A07. The cologne he wears, the way he touches or kisses me and where he touches and kisses me Q08. What are some of your turn offs when it comes to your partner? A08. The things that would normally turn me off he doesn’t do so really nothing about this man turns me off Q09. Are you a diva or do you consider yourself down to earth? A09. I consider myself to be a down to earth type of person Q10. What was the worst thing that ever happened to you at a shoot? A10. I can’t really think of anything lol Q11. What is something that you would tell to upcoming models? A11. Just keep striving for your dreams and be yourself. Don’t let anyone or anything keep you from doing what you love Q12. Where you nervous when you did your first photo shoot? A12. Oh yea I was definitely nervous Q13. What was the best photo shoot you have been at? A13. Most recently the Ink Karmasutra photo shoot Q14. Have you ever traveled out of your home state for a shoot? A14. Yes I have Q15. If you have travelled out of your home state what places did you go and which one was your favorite? 4 Model: So Seduktiv Angel Photogerapher: Rafesse Management: Independent Ethnic Background:African American and Cherokee Indian Measurements: 34A-24-26 A15. I’ve been to North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Miami for photo shoots and Miami was my favorite Q16. Have you ever travelled outside of the U.S. for a shoot? A16. Not yet but I definitely plan to Q17. Do you or can you do your own makeup? A17. I do my own makeup...I would rather do it myself anyway because I like to look as natural as possible...I don’t like looking like a porcelain doll Q18. When you have had your makeup done what was one of your favorite MUA’s? A18. Namea Soundz was my favorite Q19. What types of shoots do you like the best? A19. I don’t really have a favorite type of shoot...I pretty much enjoy all of my shoots and work hard at trying to slay them all Q20. Would you say you have more Hips, ass or both? A20. I would say I have more 72#FRfRV6VV@"&RRGW&#( FVfFVǒGW&#"vBFR&VƖWfR&RW"&W7BfVGW&W3#"גƗ2Vw2B70#2FRfR&W7B6FRVgB"&vC#2F( BFfR&W7B6FRWfW &VǒFVvB&WBFB7GVǐ#BrvVB6VRvWB6F7BvFRF&S#BR6V&w&fWf7VƖ4v6v6"6ӓr#CWB0W&F27&VBvPwwrW&F77&VB6