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Erotic Spread Magazine Letter From The Editor T hank you for buying E rotic S pread M agazine we opened this magazine with the purpose of unifying and supporting the adult industry and all of its sub - cultures in the adult industry . T he major C ommunities are S winger community , BDSM C ommunity , C ompanion C ommunity , P orn C ommunity , E xotic D ancer C ommunity , U nderground C ommunity and some consider the underground community part of the exotic dancer community . H owever I have separated it because of the many major difference between the exotic dancer community and underground community . W e will include everything that we can include about the communities that I can get , safety , utilities , locations etc . all across the U.S. now because we are trying to cover the whole U.S. some stuff will be on our website and you as our reads are welcome to comment and supply resources that we may not know about . A ll information that you wish to have us include also we are accepting M odel S ubmissions ( please go to website and see model submission guidelines ), L ocation information (P hoto / video S tudios , C lubs , private parties , D ungeons , etc .), E vents (S wing P arties , L ifestyle parties , and P assion P arties ) R esources (R etouches , M akeup artist , hairstylist , etc .) please send all info to eroticspread @ gmail . com John Redmond Editor In Chief Question & Feedback EDITOR John Redmond ADVERTISING/SALES Geo CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Sachel Nuens CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Diamond PHOTOGRAPHERS John Redmond PHOTOGRAPHERS Rafees PHOTOGRAPHERS Magunm Casting RECRUTING/CASTING C.U. Networking RECRUTING/CASTING Rep/Talent Scout/Promoter Drill Squad INC. Speical Thanks to: Jerry “Big Joker” Fontillo INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Cover Credits: Model: Caramel Lati Photos by : John Redmond Erotic Spread Magazine 3