Ergo360 EN Brochure Ergo360 EN 11-2018 -kl - Page 4

EIFEL Platformladder Ergonomically, comfortable and extra safe. The Eifel work platform is the stairs for expert professionals. The Eifel is characterised by its extra-large platform. It allows you to stand comfortably, which is a particular advantage when you work at height for a longer period of time. The guardrails of the stairs provide you with a sufficient hold when you get on the stairs. Which is very safe. The handy toolbox furthermore ensures that tools are always close to hand if you need them. 15 KG MAXIMUM LIFTING WEIGHT 1,000 MM STEPLADDER GUARDRAIL Safe and sturdy work place GUARDRAILS Getting on the stairs safely XL PLATFORM Suitable for work shoes EXTRA LARGE STEPS For comfort and certainty WEIGHT Maximum weight of the stairs is 15 kg Working safely and ergonomically at height