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you are working a variation of the “deep abs” workout 3 times per week...you could probably reduce that to two times. Heck, you could probably maintain off of less than that. As you age from 30, 40, 50 and beyond...Muscle Maturity. As you train through the decades your muscle maturity will improve over time. This is called muscle maturity and it will improve over time...but only on muscles that get used. A great example of this is forearms on a lot of older guys. A typical 50 year old who has been active his entire life will have much more forearm definition than a 25 year old who has been active his entire life. Although the muscle definition comes easier...so does the body fat! Unlike a lot of other guys with fitness courses online, I believe in cardio for fat loss...(In fact I have a entire book written on strategic cardio for fat loss that I believe smokes circuit training). As you age you will need to focus more on creating a calorie deficit through diet and exercise. So pay attention to this more as the decades come at you. Do that and you will be set! Final thoughts: My hope is that you implement what is taught in this course. I focus on what I've learned over the past 20 years prepping for summers, vacations, and learning from other men and women with amazing abs. You have the blueprint...so exceptional abs are just 6-12 months away if you want it bad enough! Thanks for spending your valuable time reading this report :) Rusty Moore Visual Impact High Carb Fat Loss 44