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Chapter 12 Great Abs for Life I know most who are reading this want great abs “yesterday”. My hope is that you take a more long term approach. I do have some great news for those who are a little more impatient... You can reach 75% of your genetic potential in abs in 6-12 months. ...but that is only if you follow an ab routine that is centered around the most effective and challenging ab exercises (like in this course). If you follow this course and tweak your routine over time to make it progressively more challenging, you should make a transformation in 6-12 months. You can still have better abs than most in 3 months. Don't worry if you need to get fit in a hurry, this program will do the job. I'm just letting you know that amazing, “head turning” abs aren't made over night. In one year you can have better abs than just about anyone you bump into. Give it another 2-3 years and you can reach close to your genetic potential. Get fit once...and maintain that level for a lifetime! I view fitness a little different than a lot of people. I believe you only need to work abs really hard...just 1 time in your life. After you master the hardest level of ab workouts I have outlined here, just maintain that strength level. If you never let yourself slide you will never have to worry about becoming soft as you age. Maintaining abs takes less work than getting them in the first place. You can maintain your abs on about 2/3 of the work it took to get them. So if 43